Patac legends FISTULA to play ROADBURN 2015!

Ohio sludge legends FISTULA have signed on for the 20th edition of the ROADBURN festival, playing Het Patronaat on Saturday, April 11.

Born out of a primordial ooze made of recombinant DNA, dissolved Percocet and cheap hooch – or as they like to call it, Akron, Ohio – Fistula first became active in 1998 and quickly earned a reputation as one of sludge’s most deranged, malevolent acts.

Its catalog is an impossible-to-chase-down barrage of splits, EPs and singles no less chaotic than their sound itself, but in 2014, FISTULA released its first full-length in six years, Vermin Prolificus, and on songs like “Smoke Cat Hair and Toenails” and “Pig Funeral” FISTULA proved it’s as terminally fucked as it’s ever been.


“Everywhere FISTULA go, it leaves a trail of destruction behind it,” explains ROADBURN Festival coordinator Walter Hoeijmakers, “So we thought, no place better to have them play than in the church.”

Founder, former drummer and current guitarist/vocalist Corey Bing, vocalist Dan Harrington, bassist Greg Peel and drummer Jeff Sullivan are sure to be the perfect blend of blasphemy and assaulting volume, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them at Het Patronaat on Saturday, April 11 for the 20th edition of ROADBURN.”

May new release book!


The May 2015 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is April 28th. Street date is May 12th.

Below is a list of this months current releases! Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions!

Beer City BCR189-2 CD DEATHWISH Out for Blood 650557018920
Beer City BCR199-2 CD BRASS TACKS Just the Facts: 15th Anniversary Edition 650557019927
Innerstrength ISR024-1 LP IN OTHER CLIMES Leftover 859700002414
Innerstrength ISR025-2 CDEP LIFE FOR A LIFE Soul On Ice 859700002520
Rodent Popsicle RPR126-2 CD ABSINTHE ROSE The More That We Learn, The More We Learn That We’re Wrong 747728012624
Specialist Subject SPS035-1 LP PERSONAL BEST Arnos Vale 055450003514
SRA SRA034-1 LP +HIRS+ The Second 100 Songs 61979003416
SRA SRA034-1 CD +HIRS+ The Second 100 Songs 61979003423
SRA SRA034-1 CASS +HIRS+ The Second 100 Songs 61979003447

ILD labels: Best punk-related releases of Record Store Day 2015

Beer City, Frontier and SRA make Dying Scene‘s list of best punk-related Record Store Day titles!

As you’re probably aware given the recent barrage of Record Store Day release posts here on the pages of Dying Scene, April 18th marks the eighth annual installment of every music lover’s favorite holiday!

The official US list of Record Store Day releases have officially been published. While 2014 was, in my opinion, bit of a down year comparatively, 2015 seems to be anything but. As always, your friendly Dying Scene staffers took the time to highlight the best of this year’s punk-related releases so you don’t have to (though I stress to you that “punk-related” is applied a bit liberally here). We’ve got everything from new Dave Hause material to reissues of a classic 101ers album (featuring Joe Strummer) and Social Distortion’s self-titled album and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Question The Answers to Cory Branan covering the one-and-only Prince to live sessions from OFF! and Cobra Skulls. Check out our list below, and chime in on the comment section to let us know what you’re most looking forward to.

If you care to peruse the full, official Record Store Day release list, you can do so right here.

D.R.I.Live at CBGBs 1984 – LP

FLAG OF DEMOCRACYLove Songs – 7″ vinyl

BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONGLive Freaky! Die Freaky! – 7″ picture disc EP
DRI live

Mechanical Man 111

FOD Love Songs

Dave Hause on Carson Daly!


Congratulations to Chunksaah records and Dave Hause is in order.Last night Dave Hause was on Last Call on Carson Daly!

Its just so happens we distribute two titles that Dave is on. The ‘Loved Ones’ 10″ and ‘Dave Hause – Time Will Tell 7″‘. The info on each is below.

Stock is available for immediate shipment.Be sure to place your order for these titles.

Chunksaah CAR022-1 LP Loved Ones Loved Ones 10″ 809796002218
Chunksaah CAR054-7 7” Dave Hause Time Will Tell 809796005417

April new release book!


The April 2015 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is March 31st. Street date is April 14th.

Below is a list of this months current releases! Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions!

Blank BRC007-7 7″ THE SUNSETS Animal/Uptight, Out Of Sight 613505980021
Blank BRC011-7 7″ PSYCHO-SURGEONS Crush On You/Falling Apart 613505990020
Insipid IV36-7 7″ TRANSATLANTIC BUNNIES Formula One Generation / Girls Going Crazy (For The La La La) 613505100023
Frontier 31002-4 CASS CIRCLE JERKS Group Sex 018663100241
Frontier 31018-4 CASS REDD KROSS Born Innocent 018663101842
Frontier 31011-4 CASS SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Suicidal Tendencies 018663101149
Riot House RHR014-7 7″ ROUGH FRANCIS MSP2/Blind Pigs 845015101478
Specialist Subject SPS031-1 LP TWISTED Utopia 055450003118