February 2014 new releases!


The February 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here.

Ship date is January 28th.Street date is February 11th so please get your pre orders in. ‘Weekend Nachos’ , ‘Bastard Noise / Lack Of Interest – split ‘ , ‘Last Words- Last Words LP’ are available for immediate shipment.

New releases include these titles ……
Suburban Mutilation – The Opera Ain’t Over Till the Fat Lady Sings! CD – Beer City
Weekend Nachos – Still LP – Deep Six
Nausea- Condemned to the System LP – Deep Six
Bastard Noise / Lack Of Interest – split LP/CD – Deep Six
Picture- Diamond Dreamer/Picture 1 CD – Divebomb
Picture- Eternal Dark/Heavy Metal Ears CD – Divebomb
Blowfly- Black In the Sack LP – Patac
Rawhide- Murder One LP – Patac
Anti You- Blank Stares LP – Six Weeks
Last Words- Last Words LP – To Live A Lie

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And if you have any hearing left, check out CANNABIS CORPSE‘s “Shatter Their Bongs“!

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Tankcrimes’ November/December Tour Dates!

12/08/13 Las Vegas, NV- Cheyenne Saloon with EXHUMED
12/09/13 Oakland, CA- Metro with EXHUMED
12/10/13 San Diego, CA- The Casbah with EXHUMED
12/11/13 Anaheim, CA- Chain Reaction with EXHUMED, WITCHHAVEN
12/12/13 Tempe, AZ- Rocky Point Cantina with EXHUMED
12/14/13 Denver, CO- Gothic Theater with GHOUL
12/15/13 Oklahoma City, OK- Conservatory
12/16/13 Dallas, TX- Club Dada
12/17 Austin,TX- Red 7
12/18 New Orleans,LA- Siberia
12/19/13 Tampa, FL- Epic Problem
12/20/13 Pembroke Pines, FL- The Talent Farm
12/21/13 Gainesville, FL- The Atlantic
12/27 New York – Irving Plaza w/ GWAR, BATTLECROSS
12/28 New Haven CT – Toads Place w/ GWAR, BATTLECROSS
12/29 Richmond VA- The National w/ GWAR, BATTLECROSS

Order the IRON REAGAN/EXHUMED split 12″ now– release date is January 7 2014!

11/18/13 Burlington, VT- Nectar’s
11/19/13 Middletown, NY- Sounds Asylum
11/20/13 Newark, DE- Mojo Main
11/21/13 Baltimore, MD- Metro Gallery
11/22/13 Richmond, VA- Gallery 5 with MUNICIPAL WASTE
11/23/13 Lakewood, OH- The Foundry
11/24/13 Dayton, OH- Rockstar Pro Arena
11/25/13 Detroit, MI- Magic Stick
11/26/13 Chicago, IL- Reggies
11/27/13 Pittsburgh, PA- The Shop
11/29/13 Brooklyn, NY- St. Vitus
11/30/13 Wallingford, CT- Cherry St. Station
12/01/13 Island Park, NY- No Fun Club

January 2013 new releases!

The January 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here.

While ship date is December 30th and the street date is January 7th; some of these titles are now in stock and available for immediate shipment. Said titles are listed below.Please note the ‘Weekend Nachos- Still LP’ is not in the new release book (It just showed up without notice recently) , but is available for immediate shipment as well.

Titles available for immediate shipment

Weekend Nachos- Still LP< Dukes of Hamburg- Twist Time LP Dukes of Hamburg- Bad Side LP Behind Enemy Lines- Know Your Enemy CD Behind Enemy Lines- One Nation CD< Dirty Kid Discount- Sharpen Your Knives 7" Frustration- Disintegrate 7" Kata Sarka/Boddicker- The David Lee 7" Abuse- Abuse LP Seasick- Eschaton LP No Comply/Suppression- Split 10" ----------------------------------------------------- New releases include titles by...... The Loud Ones Man Is the Bastard/Bizarre Uproar Dukes Of Hamburg< Behind Enemy Lines Dirty Kid Discount Frustration< Kata Sarka/ Boddicker Cannabis Corpse/ Ghoul Exhumed/Iron Reagan Abuse Seasick No Comply/ Suppression

ILD signs EAST GRAND RECORD CO to exclusive, worldwide distribution deal!

East Grand Record Company was born in the capital of Michigan, forged in a basement record store from the love of independent music. Founded by brothers Mark and Mike Voldeck, with the idea that great DIY music deserves to be heard rather than die out in obscurity. Often resembling a cooperative rather than a traditional label, East Grand boasts an incredible lineup of bands which began with legendary DROPKICK MURPHYS‘ founding guitarist Rick Barton’s CONTINENTAL. Current artists include CONTINENTAL, Celtic-folk-punk heroes THE TOSSPINTS, punk rock and roll powerhouse THE HEX BOMBS, MURDER PARTY!, HIJINX and EXPLICIT BOMBERS. Genres range from Americana to classic punk, but all East Grand bands share common threads of the original punk rock ethos, including DIY mentality, questioning and challenging social and political status quo, anti-establishment sentiment, and maybe above all, “no-bullshit rock ‘n’ roll”!

Download the salesbook with all available titles now!