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A Loathing Requiem Acolytes Eternal CDCDArtisan EraAE004-2see list $13.98 7.39028E+11none
A Loathing Requiem Psalms of Misanthropy CDCDArtisan EraAE005-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
Virulent Depravity Fruit of the Poisioned Tree CDCDArtisan EraAE006-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
Dark Matter Secret Perfect Woorld Creation CDCDArtisan EraAE007-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
Enfold Darkness Adversary Omnipotent CDCDArtisan EraAE009-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
AUGURYIllusive Golden AgeLPArtisan EraAE003-1see list $19.98 1.23184E+11none
AUGURYIllusive Golden AgeCDArtisan EraAE012-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
MORDANT RAPTUREThe AbnegationCDArtisan EraAE017-2see list $8.98 1.23184E+11none
OUBLIETTEThe PassageCDArtisan EraAE005- 2 see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
OUBLIETTEThe PassageLPArtisan EraAE014-1 see list $19.98 1.23184E+11none
AETHEREUSAbsentiaLPArtisan EraAE018-1see list $24.98 1.23184E+11none
AETHEREUSAbsentiaCDArtisan EraAE018-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
THE ODIOUS CONSTRUCTShrine of the ObsceneCDArtisan EraAE015-2see list $8.98 1.23184E+11none
EQUIPOISEDemiurgusCDArtisan EraAE016-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
THE ZENITH PASSAGECosmic Dissonance (Remastered)CDArtisan EraAE020-2see list $8.98 1.23184E+11none
INFERIThe End of an Era: RebirthCDArtisan EraAE022-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
INANIMATE EXISTENCEClockworkCDArtisan EraAE027-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
WARFORGEDI: VoiceCDArtisan EraAE019-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
FLUBFlubCDArtisan EraAE026-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
SINGULARITYPlace of ChainsCDArtisan EraAE027-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
IMMANIFESTMacrobialLPArtisan EraAE029-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
IMMANIFESTMacrobialCDArtisan EraAE029-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
BLACK CROWN INITIATESong of the Crippled BullCDArtisan EraAE030-2see list $8.98 1.23184E+11none
ARONIOUSPerspicacityLPArtisan EraAE031-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
ARONIOUSPerspicacityCDArtisan EraAE031-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
SUTRAHAletheiaLPArtisan EraAE032-1see list $29.98 1.23184E+11none
SUTRAHAletheiaCDArtisan EraAE032-2see list $8.98 1.23184E+11none
SUTRAHDunesLPArtisan EraAE033-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
SUTRAHDunesCDArtisan EraAE033-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
MYTH OF IMyth of ILPArtisan EraAE035-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
MYTH OF IMyth of ICDArtisan EraAE035-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
SYMBOLIKEmergenceLPArtisan EraAE034-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
SYMBOLIKEmergenceCDArtisan EraAE034-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
SPECTRUM OF DELUSIONNeoconceptionCDArtisan EraAE036-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
INFERIOf Sunless RealmsLPArtisan EraAE037-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
INFERIOf Sunless RealmsCDArtisan EraAE037-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
DEMON KINGThe Final TyrannyLPArtisan EraAE038-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
DEMON KINGThe Final TyrannyCDArtisan EraAE038-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
ABIOTICIkigaiCDArtisan EraAE039-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
INFERIVile GenesisLPArtisan EraAE-45-1see list $39.98 1.23184E+11none
INFERIVile GenesisCDArtisan EraAE-45-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
DEVILÕS REEFA Whisper From The CosmosLPArtisan EraAE-49-1see list $39.98 1.23184E+11none
DEVILÕS REEFA Whisper From The CosmosCDArtisan EraAE-49-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
DESSIDERIUMAriaLPArtisan EraAE047-1see list $39.98 1.23184E+11none
DESSIDERIUMAriaCDArtisan EraAE047-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
AETHEREUSLeidenCDArtisan EraAE048-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
ARKAIKLabyrinth of Hungry GhostsCDArtisan Era AE051-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
THE DEVILS OF LOUDUNEscaping EternityCDArtisan Era AE044-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
THE DEVILS OF LOUDUNEscaping EternityLPArtisan EraAE044-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
WAITThe End of NoiseLPArtisan EraAE052-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
WAITThe End of NoiseCDArtisan Era AE052-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
INANIMATE EXISTENCEThe MasqueradeCDArtisan Era AE053-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
GREYLOTUSDawnfallCDArtisan Era AE060-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
GREYLOTUSDawnfallLPArtisan Era AE060-1see list $39.98 1.23184E+11none
ARKAIKLabyrinth of Hungry GhostsLPArtisan Era AE051-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
INANIMATE EXISTENCEThe MasqueradeLPArtisan Era AE053-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
ARONIOUSIrkallaCDArtisan Era AE059-2see list $13.98 1.23184E+11none
ARONIOUSIrkallaLPArtisan Era AE059-1see list $39.98 1.23184E+11none
WARFORGEDhe Grove | SundialCDArtisan Era AE064-2see list $14.98 1.23184E+11none
DEMON KINGVesaniaLPArtisan EraAE065-1see list $39.98 1.23184E+11none
DEMON KINGVesaniaCDArtisan EraAE065-2see list $14.98 1.23184E+11none
FLUBDream WorldsLPArtisan EraAE063-1see list $39.98 1.23184E+11none
FLUBDream WorldsCDArtisan EraAE063-2see list $14.98 1.23184E+11none
WARFORGEDThe Grove | SundialLPArtisan EraAE064-1see list $39.98 1.23184E+11none
DISTENTIONNothing Comes From DeathLPArtisan EraAE067-1see list $29.98 1.23184E+11none
DISTENTIONNothing Comes From DeathCDArtisan EraAE067-2see list $14.98 1.23184E+11none
STORTREGNFinitudeLPArtisan EraAE069-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
STORTREGNFinitudeCDArtisan EraAE069-2see list $14.98 1.23184E+11none
THE RITUAL AURAHeresiarchLPArtisan EraAE068-1see list $35.98 1.23184E+11none
V/A Shilded By Death VOL IIGuillotined at the HangerLPBacchusBA1068-1see list $19.98 53477116811none
THE AVENGERS VI Real Cool HitsLPBacchusBA1155-1 see list $15.98 53477115517none
THE AVENGERS VI Real Cool HitsCDBacchusBA1155-2see list $11.98 53477115524none
D.R.I.Dirty Rotten CD CDBeer CityBCR099-2see list $9.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.Dealing With It LPLPBeer CityBCR111-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.Dealing With It CDCDBeer CityBCR111-2see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.Live At CBGB's 1984CDBeer CityBCR118-2see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Suburban MutilationThe Opera Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady SingsLPBeer CityBCR123-1see list $14.98 6.50557E+11none
Suburban MutilationThe Opera Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady SingsCDBeer CityBCR123-2see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
Verbal AbuseJust An American BandLPBeer CityBCR131-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
Verbal AbuseJust An American Band CDCDBeer CityBCR131-2see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Broken BonesF.O.A.D CDCDBeer CityBCR133-2see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
Toxic ReasonsEssential IndependenceCD/DVDBeer CityBCR139-9 see list $19.98 6.50557E+11none
InfernoPioneering Work: 56 Song Discography CDBeer CityBCR140-2see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
Cancerous GrowthCancer Causing Agents: a Cancerous Growth Discography!CD+DVDBeer CityBCR152-9see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.Crossover LPLPBeer CityBCR160-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.Crossover CDCDBeer CityBCR160-2see list $14.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.Dirty Rotten EP 7"7" EPBeer CityBCR164-7see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.Dirty Rotten LPLPBeer CityBCR165-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.Violent Pacification 7"7" EPBeer CityBCR166-7 see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Die KreuzenCows and Beer 7" - TRANSLUCENT BLUE VINYL7" EPBeer CityBCR167-7 - T Bluesee list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Die KreuzenCows and Beer 7" - CLEAR VINYL7" EPBeer CityBCR167-7 - Clearsee list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Die KreuzenCows and Beer 7" - TRANSLUCENT GOLD VINYL7" EPBeer CityBCR167-7 - T Goldsee list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Die KreuzenCows and Beer 7" - TRANSLUCENT GREEN VINYL7" EPBeer CityBCR167-7 - T Greensee list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Die KreuzenCows and Beer 7" - TRANSLUCENT RED VINYL7" EPBeer CityBCR167-7 - T Redsee list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
The Loud OnesTime To SkateLPBeer CityBCR171-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
The Loud OnesTime To SkateCDBeer CityBCR171-2see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
Raw PowerTired and FuriousLPBeer CityBCR172-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
Raw PowerTired and FuriousCDBeer CityBCR172-2see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C.Millions of Dead Cops - Millennium EditionLPBeer CityBCR175-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C.Millions of Dead Cops - Millennium EditionCDBeer CityBCR175-2see list $14.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C.Elvis In the Rheinland (Live In Berlin)LPBeer CityBCR180-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C.Metal Devil CokesLPBeer CityBCR181-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C.Hey Cop!!! If I Had a Face Like YoursLPBeer CityBCR182-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C.Shades of BrownLPBeer CityBCR183-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C.Magnus Dominus CorpusLPBeer CityBCR184-1see list $7.98 6.50557E+11none
Toxic ReasonsIndependence LPBeer CityBCR186-1see list $19.98 6.50557E+11none
Cancerous GrowthLate For the GraveLPBeer CityBCR188-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
DeathwishOut for BloodCDBeer CityBCR189-2 see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
The FactionYesterday Is Gone12"Beer CityBCR192-1see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
The FactionNo Hidden Messages12"Beer CityBCR193-1see list $14.98 6.50557E+11none
The FactionCorpse In Disguise12"Beer CityBCR194-1see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
The FactionDark Room12"Beer CityBCR195-1see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
The FactionEpitaph12"Beer CityBCR196-1see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Bronxxx/ The TubuloidsAn International Skaterock LPBeer CityBCR197-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
The OffendersLive at CBGB's 1985LPBeer CityBCR198-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
The OffendersLive at CBGBS 19852XCDBeer CityBCR198-2see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
Brass TacksJust the Facts; 15th Anniversary EditionLPBeer CityBCR199-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
Brass TacksJust the Facts: 15th Anniversary Edition CDBeer CityBCR199-2see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
The ClitboysWe DonÕt Play the Game7" EPBeer CityBCR201-7see list $7.98 6.50557E+11none
The FactionDestroys O.C. Ð CabÕs 50th Birthday Bash! LPBeer CityBCR203- 1 see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
The FactionDestroys O.C. Ð CabÕs 50th Birthday Bash! DVD+CDBeer CityBCR203- 9 see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
Cancerous GrowthHmmlmmlum...LPBeer CityBCR204-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
The CrustiesCrustunesLPBeer CityBCR207-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.But Wait ... THEREÕS MORE! - HAND SILK SCREENED!12"Beer CityBCR212-1see list $9.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.But Wait ... THEREÕS MORE!CDBeer CityBCR212-2see list $3.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.But Wait ... THEREÕS MORE! - BLACK VINYL7"Beer CityBCR212-7 - Blacksee list $3.98 650557021272 T Blacknone
D.R.I.But Wait ... THEREÕS MORE! - CLEAR VINYL7"Beer CityBCR212-7 - Clearsee list $3.98 650557021272 T Clearnone
D.R.I.But Wait ... THEREÕS MORE! - TRANSLUCENT BLUE VINYL7"Beer CityBCR212-7 - T Bluesee list $3.98 650557021272 T Bluenone
D.R.I.But Wait ... THEREÕS MORE! - TRANSLUCENT GOLD VINYL7"Beer City BCR212-7 - T Goldsee list $3.98 650557021272 T Goldnone
D.R.I.But Wait ... THEREÕS MORE! - TRANSLUCENT GREEN VINYL7"Beer City BCR212-7 - T Greensee list $3.98 650557021272 T Greennone
D.R.I.But Wait ... THEREÕS MORE! - TRANSLUCENT RED VINYL7"Beer City BCR212-7 - T Redsee list $3.98 650557021272 T Rednone
D.R.I.But Wait ... THEREÕS MORE! - WHITE VINYL7"Beer City BCR212-7 - Whitesee list $3.98 650557021272 T Whitenone
BronxxxPoser Now Poser ForeverLPBeer City BCR215-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
Attitude AdjustmentTerrorizeLPBeer City BCR217-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
Attitude AdjustmentTerrorizeCDBeer City BCR217-2see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
The TubuloidsItÕs Getting Weird12"Beer City BCR219-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
No IdeaJag Hatar PunkLPBeer City BCR220-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C. / RestartsMobocracyLPBeer City BCR221-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C.Millions of Dead Cops - East Bay Ray and Klaus Flouride RemixLPBeer City BCR222-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
DeathwishUnleash HellLPBeer CityBCR223-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
DeathwishUnleash HellCDBeer CityBCR223-2see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.Live at the Ritz 1987LPBeer City BCR208-1see list $15.98 6.50557E+11none
D.R.I.Live at the Ritz 1987CDBeer City BCR208-2see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Fastplants / Daniel WaxoffSplit LPLPBeer CityBCR216-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
FastplantsSpread the StokeLPBeer CityBCR214-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
Ring 13Nothing New Nothing LearnedLPBeer CityBCR224-1see list $5.98 6.50557E+11none
The Odd NumbersAbout TimeLPBeer CityBCR185-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
The Odd NumbersAbout TimeCDBeer CityBCR185-2see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Adrenalin O.D.LetÕs BBQ Millennium Edition 12Ó12"Beer CityBCR202-1see list $20.98 6.50557E+11none
Boris the SprinklerVespa to VenusLPBeer CityBCR226-1see list $19.98 6.50557E+11none
Population ControlDeath TollLPBeer CityBCR225-1see list $19.98 6.50557E+11none
Population ControlDeath TollCDBeer CityBCR225-2see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Population ControlDeath TollCASSBeer CityBCR225-4see list $11.98 6.50557E+11none
Adrenalin O.D.Cruising with Elvis in Bigfoot's U.F.O. - Millennium Edition LPLPBeer CityBCR213-1see list $19.98 6.50557E+11none
Adrenalin O.D.Humungusfungusamoungus - Millennium Edition LPLPBeer CityBCR211-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
Boneless OnesSkate For The DevilLPBeer CityBCR230-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
Pleased YouthThe Doomsday Album - VINYL PUREST BLACK - vinylLPBeer CityBCR231-1 - Blacksee list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
Pleased YouthThe Doomsday Album - PURPLE OPAQUE - vinylLPBeer CityBCR231-1 - O Purplesee list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
Pleased YouthThe Doomsday Album - RED OPAQUE - vinylLPBeer CityBCR231-1 - O Redsee list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
BedlamFinal Bedlam - Millennium Edition LPLPBeer CityBCR232-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
BarkhardShut Up and Skate - Millennium EditionLPBeer CityBCR234-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
OffendersWe Must Rebel - Millennium EditionLPBeer CityBCR235-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
OffendersEndless Struggle - Millennium EditionLPBeer CityBCR236-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C.Multi Death Chicken Stains 12ý - Millennium EditionLPBeer CityBCR237-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTAmerican Paranoia - Millennium EditionLPBeer CityBCR227-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTNo More Mr. Nice Guy - Millennium EditionLPBeer CityBCR228-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTOut Of Hand - Millennium EditionLPBeer CityBCR229-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
TOXIC REASONSIndependence - 40th Anniversary Millennium EditionLPBeer CityBCR240-1see list $39.98 6.50557E+11none
BANDA DESTRUIDAS/TLPBeer CityBCR233-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
BORIS THE SPRINKLERBits O BorisLPBeer CityBCR238-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
BORIS THE SPRINKLERVespa To Venus / Bits O BorisCDBeer CityBCR244-2see list $14.98 6.50557E+11none
ADRENALIN O.D.The Wacky Hi-Jinks of - Millennium EditionLPBeer CityBCR239-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C.Music In Defiance of Compliance - Volume OneLPBeer CityBCR241-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
M.D.C.Music In Defiance of Compliance - Volume TwoLPBeer CityBCR242-1see list $24.98 6.50557E+11none
The Odd NumbersThe OddysseyLPBeer City / Sons of PioneersBCRSOP001-1see list $19.98 8.75531E+11none
The Odd NumbersThe OddysseyCDBeer City / Sons of PioneersBCRSOP001-2see list $11.98 8.88296E+11none
The Odd NumbersWindmills7"Beer City / Sons of PioneersBCRSOP002-7see list $4.98 8.75531E+11none
THE SUNSETSThe Hot Generation Soundtrack SessionsLPBlankBRC008-1see list $19.98 6.13505E+11none
JOHN SANGSTERThe TripLPBlankBRC013-1see list $19.98 6.13505E+11none
JOHN SANGSTERThe Joker Is WildLPBlankBRC014-1see list $19.98 6.13505E+11none
THE IDBig Time OperatorsLPBlankBRC010-1see list $24.98 6.13505E+11none
JOHN SANGSTERAhead Of HairLPBlankBRC015-1see list $19.98 6.13505E+11none
RAY BROWN / MOONSTONEMad HouseLPBlankBRC016-1see list $24.98 6.13505E+11none
JEFF ST JOHNÕS COPPERWINEJoint EffortLPBlankBRC017-1see list $19.98 6.13505E+11none
BUSTER BROWN Something To Say LPBlankBRC006-1 see list $24.98 6.13505E+11none
REDD KROSS Third Eye LPBlankBRC012-1 see list $24.98 6.13505E+11none
THE SUNSETSAnimal/Uptight, Out Of Sight7"BlankBRC007-7see list $9.98 6.13506E+11none
VARIOUS ARTISTS Black Diamonds : Singles From The Festival Vaults 1965-1969 Volume One 10x7 _ BlankBRC 001-7 see list $99.98 6.13506E+11none
VARIOUS ARTISTS Black Diamonds : Singles From The Festival Vaults 1965-1969 Volume Two10x7 _ BlankBRC 002-7 see list $99.98 6.13506E+11none
CARRL AND JANIE MYRIAD Of All The Wounded People ... LPBlankBRC 004-1 see list $19.98 6.13506E+11none
TRANSATLANTIC BUNNIESFormula One Generation / Girls Going Crazy (For The La La La)7"BlankIV36-7see list $7.98 6.13505E+11none
BABES IN TOYLANDHandsome And Gretel / Pearl7"BlankBRC020-7see list $11.98 6.13506E+11none
THE HOLLYWOOD STARSKing Of The Nighttime World7Ó SINGLEBlankBRC022-7see list $9.98 2.21076E+11none
JOHNNY HARRISMovementsLPBlankBRC025-1see list $24.98 2.21076E+11none
FRICTIONDeath Cult 911 /Fractured Passion /Help Me Make It Thru The Nite7"BlankBRC028-7see list $11.98 2.21076E+11none
MIKE TINGLEYThe Abstract PrinceLPBlankBRC029-1see list $24.98 2.21076E+11none
The NunsDecadent Jew7Ó SINGLEBlankBRC030-7see list $9.98 2.21076E+11none
Bouncing SoulsThe Good, The Bad, and The ArgyleLPChunksaahCAR004-1see list $24.98 8.09796E+11none
Bouncing SoulsManiacal LaughterLPChunksaahCAR007-1see list $24.98 8.09796E+11none
Madcap/Mighty Mighty BosstonesMadcap/Mighty Mighty Bosstones7"ChunksaahCAR013-7see list $6.98 8.09796E+11none
Bouncing SoulsGold Record LPLPChunksaahCAR027-1see list $24.98 8.09796E+11none
Bouncing SoulsGhosts On The Board LPLPChunksaahCAR040-1see list $24.98 8.09796E+11none
Bouncing Souls/ Hot Water MusicsplitChunksaahCAR045-7see list $9.98 8.09796E+11none
Tim BarryRivanna Junction LPLPChunksaahCAR047-1see list $19.98 8.09796E+11none
Tim BarryManchester LPLPChunksaahCAR048-1see list $19.98 8.09796E+11none
Tim Barry28th and Stonewall LPLPChunksaahCAR049-1see list $19.98 8.09796E+11none
Gregory AttonitoNatural Disaster 10"10"ChunksaahCAR050-1see list $11.98 8.09796E+11none
THE EXPLOSIONBury Me StandingLPChunksaahCAR051-1 see list $13.98 8.09796E+11none
TIM BARRY40 Miler LPLPChunksaahCAR052-1see list $19.98 8.09796E+11none
Bouncing SoulsCometLPChunksaahCAR053-1see list $24.98 8.09796E+11none
Dave HauseTime Will TellChunksaahCAR054-7see list $2.98 8.09796E+11none
Tim BarryLaurel St. Demo 2005 & Live at Munford ElementaryLPChunksaahCAR057-1see list $19.98 8.09796E+11none
Bouncing Souls/ The MenzingersShocking7" EPChunksaahCAR058-7see list $9.98 8.09796E+11none
TIM BARRYLost & Rootless LPChunksaahCAR061-1 see list $19.98 8.09796E+11none
TIM BARRYHigh on 95LPChunksaahCAR066-1see list $19.98 8.09796E+11none
ROGER HARVEYTwo CoyotesLPChunksaahCAR067-1see list $14.98 8.09796E+11none
TIM BARRYThe Roads To RichmondLPChunksaahCAR070-1see list $19.98 8.09796E+11none
SHIP THIEVESIrruptionLPChunksaahCAR072-1see list $19.98 8.09796E+11none
TIM BARRYCarolinaÕs RV7"ChunksaahCAR073-7see list $11.98 8.09796E+11none
TIM BARRYSpring HillLPChunksaahCAR074-1see list $24.98 8.09796E+11none
JONATHAN FRANCISLife In The WeedsLPChunksaah CAR075-1see list $24.98 8.09796E+11none
LOW THREAT PROFILEProduct 1 7" EPDeep SixDSR068-7see list $2.98 6.85306E+11none
Man Is the BastardDIY CDCDDeep SixDSR074-2see list $11.98 6.85306E+11none
Brutal Truth/RuptureSplit7"Deep SixDSR162-7see list $2.98 6.85306E+11none
TERMINAL NATIONAbsolute Control7"Deep SixDSR263-7see list $2.98 6.85306E+11none
CreepxoticaFeaturing Rachel DeShon10"DionysusID1233171-1see list $1.00 53477317119none
JESIKA von RABBITJourney MitchellLPDionysusID12331634-1 see list $16.98 53477316419none
TIGER BOMBUproarLPDionysusID1233166-1see list $2.50 53477316617none
Robert DrasninVoodoo IIILPDionysusID1233167-1see list $18.98 53477316716none
JASON LEE AND THE R.I.P. TIDESMonsters and Mai TaisLPDionysus ID1233168-1see list $18.98 53477316815none
JESIKA VON RABBITDessert RockLPDionysusID1233174-1see list $18.98 53477317416none
JESIKA VON RABBITDessert RockCDDionysusID1233174-2see list $5.98 53477317423none
JOSIE COTTONInvasion of the B-GIrlsLPDionysusID1233175-1see list $21.98 53477317515none
TIGER BOMBSugar BuzzLPDionysusID1233177-1see list $24.98 53477317713none
ACRIDITYFor Freedom I Cry (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE174-2see list $12.98 7.11576E+11none
WidowMidnight Strikes... CDCDDivebombDIVE010-2see list $2.98 7.11576E+11none
LeatherShock Waves CDCDDivebombDIVE016-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
IRONCHRISTGetting The Most Out Of Your ExtinctionCDDivebombDIVE021-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
CYCLONE TEMPLEMY FRIEND LONELY(DELUXE EDITION)CDDivebombDIVE024-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
FLY MACHINECOME METAMORPHOSISCDDivebombDIVE025-2see list $2.98 7.11576E+11none
Dead OnS/TCDDivebombDIVE031-2see list $22.98 7.11576E+11none
Brett WalkerNeverlessCDDivebombDIVE034-2see list $2.98 7.11576E+11none
SlammerThe Work Of Idle HandsCDDivebombDIVE036-2see list $11.98 7.11576E+11none
ForteInvistus2XCDDivebombDIVE041-2see list $12.98 7.11576E+11none
CrowsThe Dying Race (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE042-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
WEAPONSReflections Of A Troubled MindCDDivebombDIVE048-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
MINISTERS OF ANGERRenaissanceCDDivebombDIVE049-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
AddictiveKick ÔEm Hard (Rebooted Edition) 2XCDDivebombDIVE058-2see list $9.98 7.11576E+11none
KENN NARDI Dancing With The Past 2XCDDivebombDIVE073-2 see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
EXISES Exises CDDivebombDIVE082-2 see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
OSIRISFuturity And Human Depressions (Deluxe Edition)2xCDDivebombDIVE094-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
PARADISE LOSTParadise Lost (Deluxe Edition)2xCDDivebombDIVE101-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
PIERCEIII: The Anthology2xCDDivebombDIVE103-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
NARCOTIC GREEDFatal (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE104-2see list $4.98 7.11576E+11none
SKEPTIC SENSEMind Versus Soul: The AnthologyCDDivebombDIVE107-2see list $4.98 7.11576E+11none
DESPAIRBeyond All ReasonCDDivebomb DIVE108-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
MESSINATerrotory (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE113-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
HARD KNOXPsycoÕs R UsCDDivebombDIVE114-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
Eden S/T (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE117-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
VARIXMorbid Tribute To DistortionCDDivebombDIVE122-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
FAITH COLLAPSINGLostCDDivebomb DIVE123-2see list $11.98 7.11576E+11none
THEE FINAL CHAPTREIt Is Written (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE125-2see list $9.98 7.11576E+11none
EmergenceyMartial LawCDDivebombDIVE128-2see list $18.98 7.11576E+11none
TERMINUSTomb Of Infamy (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE136-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
DEGRADATIONRevelation In Blood (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE137-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
DEADLY BLESSINGPsycho Drama (Deluxe Edition)2xCDDivebombDIVE143-2see list $12.98 7.11576E+11none
ARBITRATERBalance Of Power + Darkened Reality2xCDDivebombDIVE145-2see list $12.98 7.11576E+11none
CLOCKWORKKill In TimeCDDivebombDIVE148-2see list $9.98 7.11576E+11none
IRONFLAMELightning Strikes The CrownCDDivebombDIVE150-2see list $11.98 7.11576E+11none
MilleniumHour Glass ; the complete sessions CDDivebombDIVE151-2see list $18.98 7.11576E+11none
FATAL OPERAFatal OperaCDDivebombDIVE152-2see list $9.98 7.11576E+11none
FATAL OPERAThe Eleventh Hour2xCDDivebombDIVE153-2see list $12.98 7.11576E+11none
VISITORVisitorCDDivebombDIVE154-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
BETRAYELDeath Shall OvercomeCDDivebombDIVE155-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
TYRRANICIDEGod Save The Scene (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE160-2see list $12.98 7.11576E+11none
MELIAH RAGEBarely HumanCDDivebombDIVE164-2see list $9.98 7.11576E+11none
MELIAH RAGEMasqueradeCDDivebombDIVE165-2see list $9.98 7.11576E+11none
DISCIPLES OF POWERIn Dust We TrustCDDivebombDIVE176-2see list $4.98 7.11576E+11none
MESSANOMessano (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE177-2see list $9.98 7.11576E+11none
HEAVENWARDA Future Worth Talking About? (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE179-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
STATUEComes To LifeCDDivebomb DIVE180-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
WREKKING MACHINEMechanistic Termination (Deluxe Edition)2xCDDivebomb DIVE182-2see list $12.98 7.11576E+11none
NMEThe End Of InnocenceCDDivebombDIVE183-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
INNER STRENGTHWithin The DreamCDDivebombDIVE184-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
INNER STRENGTHBeyond TomorrowCDDivebombDIVE185-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
INNER STRENGTHThe Common ThemeCDDivebombDIVE186-2see list $7.98 7.11576E+11none
MELIAH RAGEDeath Valley Dream (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE188-2see list $9.98 7.11576E+11none
MELIAH RAGEThe Deep And Dreamless Sleep (Remixed)CDDivebombDIVE189-2see list $9.98 7.11576E+11none
IRONFLAMEBlood Red VictoryCDDivebombDIVE193-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
KINETIC DISSENTControlled Reaction:The Demo AnthologyCDDivebombDIVE194-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
Hostile RampageOn the Rampage2xCDDivebombDIVE195-2see list $16.98 7.11576E+11none
BENEATH THE SURFACERace The Night (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE197-2see list $12.98 7.11576E+11none
FORTƒStranger Than FictionCDDivebombDIVE198-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
DEUS VULTLook Upon Your Master: The Demo Anthology2xCDDivebomb DIVE199-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
CJSSWorld Gone Mad (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebomb DIVE200-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
CJSSPraise The Loud (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebomb DIVE201-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
DISSIDENT AGGRESSORDeath Beyond DarknessCDDivebomb DIVE202-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
EPITAPHEchos Entombed: The Demo Anthology (1991-1992)CDDivebomb DIVE204-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
UNCLE SLAMSay Uncle (Deluxe Edition)2XCDDivebomb DIVE205-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
PRIMAL SCREAM NYCVolume One (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebomb DIVE206-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
APOCRYPHAArea 54CDDivebombDIVE212-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
HOWE IIHigh GearCDDivebombDIVE213-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
DIRTY LOOKS BootlegsCDDivebombDIVE214-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
PROJECT: ROENWOLFEEdge Of SaturnCDDivebombDIVE215-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
CANVAS SOLARISChromosphereCDDivebombDIVE216-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
KENN NARDITrauma2XCDDivebombDIVE219-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
THEE FINAL CHAPTRESo Let It Be DoneCDDivebombDIVE220-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
OCTOBER THORNSCircle Game CDDivebombDIVE221-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
BROTHERS GRIMMHelmÕs Deep (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE222-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
SURREALISTPlaying GodCDDivebombDIVE223-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
ARAGONAragon (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE224-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
APOCALYPSEApocalypse (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE225-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
LETHAL DOSELethal Dose (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE226-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
SILENCEVision (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE227-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
FALLEN ANGELFaith Fails (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE228-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
INFESTDEADSatanic Serenades2xCDDivebomb DIVE666-2see list $11.98 7.11576E+11none
LEVIATHENTales Of Power (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebomb DIVE229-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
LEVIATHENOnward Thru The Fog (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebomb DIVE230-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
LEVIATHENThe Aggression Returns (Deluxe Edition)CDDivebombDIVE231-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
ENTROPYAshen Existence (Anniversary Edition)2XCDDivebombDIVE232-2see list $19.98 7.11576E+11none
WARFARE D.C.ReflectionCDDivebombDIVE234-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
GROSS REALITYReturn To RuinCDDivebombDIVE235-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
IRONFLAMECompendiumCDDivebombDIVE236-2see list $14.98 7.11576E+11none
TOE TAGScroat To Throat Hide The KnivesLPFirst Blood FamilyFBF1000-1see list $25.98 7.1047E+11none
INFINITE SUNAbnormal LifeformsLPFirst Blood FamilyFBF1001-1see list $25.98 7.1047E+11none
TRAITORLast Hope For The WretchedLPFirst Blood FamilyFBF1002-1see list $25.98 7.1047E+11none
ANEW WORLD MACHINEMechanical WastelandLPFirst Blood FamilyFBF1003-1see list $25.98 7.1047E+11none
EDDIE AND THE SUBTITLESFuck You Eddie!LPFrontierFR031077-1see list $10.98 18663107714none
AdolescentsAdolescents LPLPFrontierFRO31003-1see list $24.98 18663100319none
AdolescentsAdolescents CDCDFrontierFRO31003-2see list $14.98 18663100326none
Christian DeathOnly Theatre Of Pain LPLPFrontierFRO31007-1see list $24.98 18663100715none
Christian DeathOnly Theatre Of Pain CDCDFrontierFRO31007-2see list $14.98 18663100722none
Rikk AgnewAll By Myself LPLPFrontierFRO31009-1see list $24.98 18663700113none
Suicidal TendenciesSuicidal Tendencies LPLPFrontierMR427-1see list $24.98 8.43501E+12none
Suicidal TendenciesSuicidal Tendencies CDCDFrontierFRO31011-2see list $14.98 18663101125none
THIN WHITE ROPEExploring the AxisLPFrontierFRO31015-1see list $24.98 18663101514none
Thin White RopeExploring The Axis CDCDFrontierFRO31015-2see list $5.98 18663101521none
THIN WHITE ROPEMoonheadLPFrontierFRO31020-1see list $24.98 18663102016none
Young Fresh FellowsMen Who Loved Music CDCDFrontierFRO31021-2see list $5.98 18663102122none
THIN WHITE ROPEIn the Spanish CaveLPFrontierFRO31027-1see list $24.98 18663102719none
Young Fresh FellowsTotally Lost CDCDFrontierFRO31028-2see list $5.98 18663102825none
Young Fresh FellowsThis One's For CDCDFrontierFRO31034-2see list $5.98 18663103426none
V/A (X, Dils)Dangerhouse Vol. 1 LPLPFrontierFRO31039-1see list $24.98 18663103914none
WeirdosWeird World Vol. 1 LPLPFrontierFRO31040-1see list $24.98 18663104010none
Thin White RopeRuby Sea CDCDFrontierFRO31042-2see list $5.98 18663104225none
THIN WHITE ROPESack Full Of SilverLPFrontierFRO31048-1see list $24.98 18663104812none
Thin White RopeSack Full Of Silver CDCDFrontierFRO31048-2see list $5.98 18663104829none
V/A (Bags, Avengers)Dangerhouse Vol. 2 LPLPFrontierFRO31050-1see list $24.98 18663105017none
HeatmiserDead Air LPLPFrontierFRO31057-1see list $24.98 18663105710none
HeatmiserDead Air CDCDFrontierFRO31057-2see list $5.98 18663105727none
HeatmiserYellow No.5 CDCDEPFrontierFRO31062-2see list $5.98 18663106229none
HeatmiserCop and Speeder LPLPFrontierFRO31063-1see list $24.98 18663106311none
HeatmiserCop and Speeder CDCDFrontierFRO31063-2see list $5.98 18663106328none
Thin White RopeSpoor CDCDFrontierFRO31064-2see list $5.98 18663106427none
MummydogsMummydogs CDCDFrontierFRO31074-2see list $5.98 18663107424none
WeirdosWeird World Vol. 2 LPLPFrontierFRO31075-1see list $24.98 18663107516none
AdolescentsThe Complete Demos 1980-1986LPFrontierFRO31076-1see list $24.98 18663107615none
Middle Class, TheOut Of Vogue LPLPFrontierFRO31078-1see list $24.98 18663107813none
AdolescentsLa Vendetta... e_ un piatto che va servito freddo LPFrontierFRO31082-1 see list $7.98 18663108216none
LILYSIn the Presence of Nothing2xLPFrontier31088-1see list $29.98 18663108810none
Eddie and the SubAmerican Society/Loui 7"7" EPFrontierFRT00106-7see list $4.98 18660010673none
FLOPAnd the Fall of the Mopsqueezer CDFrontier31051-2 see list $5.98 18663105123none
FLOPWorld of Today CDFrontier31067-2 see list $5.98 18663106724none
LILYSEccsame The Photon Band LPFrontier31084-1 see list $24.98 18663108414none
BLACK RANDY THE METRO SQUADPass the DustÉ I Think IÕm BowieLPFrontier31085-1see list $24.98 18663108513none
LILYSA Brief History of Amazing LetdownsLPFrontierFRO31090-1 see list $24.98 18663109015none
FLYBOYSCrayon World b/w Square City7"Frontier FRT00108-7see list $4.98 18663010878none
CALIFORNIAHate the Pilot7"Frontier FRT112-7see list $1.98 18660011274none
STIMULATORSLOUD Fast Rules!7"FrontierFRT 133-7see list $7.98 18660011373none
THIN WHITE ROPEThe Ruby SeaLPFrontier31042-1see list $24.98 18663104218none
THE FLASH HITSGrowthsLPFrontier31093-1see list $14.98 1866109312none
FLAT WORMSLive in Los AngelesLPFrontier31092-1see list $10.98 18663109213none
ADOLESCENTSCaesar Salad DaysLPFrontier31094-1see list $19.98 18663109411none
V/ATheir Sympathetic Majesties Request2xCDSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI200-2see list $7.98 7.90276E+11none
V/ASympathetic Maj Vol.2 LPLPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI300-1see list $14.98 7.90276E+11none
V/ASympathetic Maj Vol.2 CDCDSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI300-2see list $7.98 7.90276E+11none
Geraldine FibbersGet Thee Gone 10"LPSympathy For the Record IndustrySTFRI314-1see list $14.98 7.90276E+11none
The'sBomb the Twist CDCDSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI371-2see list $13.98 7.90276E+11none
OBLIVIANSSix of the Best10"EPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI383-1 see list $14.98 7.90276E+11none
Lord High FixersGroup Improvisation 10"10"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI409-1see list $2.50 7.90276E+11none
April March with the MakersSings Along With CDCDSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI434-2see list $13.98 7.90276E+11none
April MarchParis In April CDCDSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI456-2see list $13.98 7.90276E+11none
April March and Los CincosS/TCDSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI491-2see list $13.98 7.90276E+11none
The ChubbiesYour Favourite Everything 10"LPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI563-1see list $2.50 7.90276E+11none
VyvyanTeenage Wannabes10"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI594-1see list $2.50 7.90276E+11none
V/A: Blondie TributeHow Many Bands LP2xLPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI599-1see list $14.98 7.90276E+11none
V/A: Blondie TributeHow Many Bands Does CDCDSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI599-2see list $7.98 7.90276E+11none
Mr. Airplane ManJohnny Johnny 7"7" EPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI655-7see list $13.98 7.90276E+11none
DwarvesDwarves Must Die CDCDSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI712-2see list $5.98 7.90276E+11none
V/ARoot Damage LP2xLPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI713-1see list $14.98 7.90276E+11none
V/ARoot Damage CDCDSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI713-2see list $7.98 7.90276E+11none
V/AAlright This Time Just the Girls V.2 LP2xLPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI718-1see list $14.98 7.90276E+11none
OBLIVIANSRock n Roll HolidayLPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI719-1 see list $19.98 7.90276E+11none
ObliviansRock 'n Roll Holiday CDCDSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI719-2see list $13.98 7.90276E+11none
Wanda JacksonHeart TroubleLPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI724-1see list $14.98 7.90276E+11none
April MarchSometimes When I Stretch LP12"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI726-1see list $2.50 7.90276E+11none
Mr. Airplane ManShakin' Around 10"10"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI727-1see list $2.50 7.90276E+11none
SuicideAttempted: Live CDCDSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI729-2see list $13.98 7.90276E+11none
EttesWicked Will LPLPSympathy For the Record IndustrySTFRI785-1see list $7.98 7.90276E+11none
LITTLE RICHARDSBama Lama, Bama Loo LPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI787-1 see list $5.98 7.90276E+11none
LITTLE RICHARDSThe Girl CanÕt Help It 7" 45Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI788-7 see list $3.98 7.90276E+11none
MR AIRPLANE MANJACARANDA BLUELPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI792-1see list $19.98 7.90276E+11none
MR AIRPLANE MANIÕm In Love / No Place To Go7"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI793-7see list $5.98 7.90276E+11none
JESIKA VON RABBITDo You Really Want To Hurt Me?7"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI794-7see list $3.98 7.90276E+11none
HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE JANE FONDA AEROBIC VHS?Bless You Motherfuckers2XLPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI795-1see list $20.98 7.90276E+11none
HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE JANE FONDA AEROBIC VHS?From Finland With Love7"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI796-7see list $5.98 7.90276E+11none
MR. AIRPLANE MANSmashville2x7"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI797-7see list $11.98 7.90276E+11none
DEVIN, GARY & ROSSBigfoot/Path Through The Forest7"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI799-7see list $6.98 7.90276E+11none
FOG WINDOWS/T2XLPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI801-1see list $29.98 7.90276E+11none
THE UNCALLED 4Cotton Fields/Grind Her Up7"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI802-7see list $6.98 7.90276E+11none
Transatlantic BunniesSurrender / This Is Where The Strings Come In7Ó singleSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI803-7see list $6.98 7.90276E+11none
BATMOTHBones Of Brian Jones / Ghouls Boogie7Ó singleSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI804-7see list $6.98 7.90276E+11none
Red MassBored / Ecstasy Of The Fire Snake7Ó singleSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI805-7see list $6.98 7.90276E+11none
MARGARET AIRPLANEMANLive at Charles River Museum of IndustryLPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI807-1see list $16.98 7.90276E+11none
JOSIE COTTONUkranian Cowboy /Cold War Spy7"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI808-7see list $11.98 7.90276E+11none
THE REAL MINXHEATHER HOTWHEELZ + 42x7"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI809-7see list $14.98 7.90276E+11none
THE DIODESCHILD STAR + 27"Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI811-7see list $9.98 7.90276E+11none
VARIOUS ARTISTSIf You Gotta Go-Go, Go-Go Now2XLPSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI815-1see list $59.98 7.90276E+11none
SMDHatefed CDCDSix WeeksSW086-2see list $10.98 8.81409E+11none
Capitalist CasualtiesYears In Ruin 1996-99 CDCDSix WeeksSW091-2see list $12.98 8.81409E+11none
Conga FuryDear Friends CDCDSix WeeksSW100-2see list $7.98 8.81409E+11none
RunnamucksInferno LPLPSix WeeksSW102-1see list $10.98 7.90169E+11none
SMDDevil Makes Me Do It LPLPSix WeeksSW108-1see list $7.98 7.90169E+11none
SMDDevil Makes Me Do It CDCDSix WeeksSW108-2see list $7.98 7.90169E+11none
RunnamucksClawing Back LPLPSix WeeksSW113-1see list $11.98 7.90169E+11none
P.L.F.Devious Persecution And Wholesale SlaughterCDSix WeeksSW123-2see list $10.98 7.90168E+11none
Flagitous IdiosyncrasyIn the DilapidationWallowLPSix WeeksSW127-1see list $13.98 7.90168E+11none
Flagitous IdiosyncrasyIn the DilapidationWallowCDSix WeeksSW127-2see list $10.98 7.90168E+11none
No FraudRevolt! 1984 DemosLPSix WeeksSW129-1see list $14.98 7.90168E+11none
No FraudRevolt! 1984 DemosCDSix WeeksSW129-2see list $10.98 7.90168E+11none
SHORT FAST AND LOUD#29MAG & 7ÓEPSix WeeksSW130-7see list $7.98 7.90168E+11none
BACKSLIDERMotherfuckerLPSix WeeksSW131-2see list $16.98 7.90168E+11none
ENDORPHINS LOSTChoose Your WayLPSix WeeksSW132-1see list $15.98 7.90168E+11none
Short Fast LoudSFL #28 MAGzineSix Weeks SWSFL28see list $3.99 7.90168E+11none
SHORT FAST AND LOUDShort Fast & Loud #30zineSix Weeks30see list $9.98 7.90168E+11none
TRANSIENT WITH BASTARD NOISESources Of Human SatisfactionLPSix WeeksSW136-1see list $15.98 7.90168E+11none
SYSTEMATIC DEATHSystema Eleven7"Six WeeksSW135-7 see list $9.98 7.90168E+11none
SYSTEMATIC DEATHSystema ElevenCDSix WeeksSW135-2see list $9.98 7.90168E+11none
Mr. T ExperienceKing Dork Approximately, The AlbumLPSounds RadRAD002-1see list $14.98 6.15436E+11none
Mr. T ExperienceKing Dork Approximately, The AlbumCDSounds RadRAD002-2see list $11.98 6.15436E+11none
Mr. T ExperienceShards Vol. 2LPSounds RadRAD004-1see list $19.98 6.15436E+11none
THE YOUNG ROCHELLESThe Young RochellesLPSounds RadRAD006-1see list $12.98 6.15436E+11none
THE YOUNG ROCHELLESThe Young RochellesCDSounds RadRAD006-2see list $11.98 6.15436E+11none
THE MOPESAccident Waiting to HappenCDSounds RadRAD001- 1see list $14.98 6.15436E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCEShards Vol. 1LPSounds RadRAD003-1see list $19.98 6.15436E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCEShards Volume 1 & 2CDx2Sounds RadRAD008-2see list $15.98 6.15436E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCEMTX Forever: A History of the Concept of the Mr. T ExperienceCDSounds RadRAD009-2see list $15.98 6.15436E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCEAnd The Women Who Love ThemCDSounds RadRAD013-2see list $10.98 6.15436E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCEAnd The Women Who Love ThemLPSounds RadRAD013-1see list $16.98 6.15436E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCEALTERNATIVE IS HERE TO STAY7"Sounds RadRAD014-7see list $7.98 6.15436E+11none
RADIO DAYSRAVE ON!CDSounds RadRAD017-2see list $7.98 6.15436E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCEShards Vol. 3LPSounds RadRAD018-1see list $19.98 6.15436E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCEShards Vol. 3CDSounds RadRAD018-2see list $12.98 6.15436E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCERevenge is Sweet, And So Are YouCDSounds RadRAD020-2see list $12.98 7.85249E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCERevenge is Sweet, And So Are YouLPSounds RadRAD020-1see list $24.98 7.85249E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCERoad to RuinLPSounds RadRAD021-1see list $35.98 7.85249E+11none
MR. T EXPERIENCERoad to RuinCDSounds RadRAD021-2see list $15.98 7.85249E+11none
YOUNG ROCHELLESKicked to the CurbLPSounds RadRAD024-1see list $24.98 7.85249E+11none
YOUNG ROCHELLESKicked to the CurbCDSounds RadRAD024-2see list $12.98 7.85249E+11none
IMPULSEBackbreaker7"To Live a LieTLAL111-7see list $7.98 6.16983E+11none
REALIZEDemolition12"To Live A LieTLAL140-1see list $19.98 6.16983E+11none
GLUE TRAPSFuture Shocks7"To Live A LieTLAL163-7see list $4.98 6.16983E+11none
ESCUELA GRINDIndoctrinationLPTo Live A LieTLAL184-1see list $19.98 6.16983E+11none
TRAPPIST / HETZESplit 7"To Live A LieTLAL189-7see list $7.98 6.16983E+11none
CHULO2009-2019: 10 Anos De PoderviolenciaCDTo Live A LieTLAL177-2see list $11.98 6.16983E+11none
FUCK ON THE BEACH / ENDLESS SWARM Split7"To Live A LieTLAL197-7see list $6.98 6.16983E+11none
GaspStardonas 7"7"To Live A LieTLAL161-7see list $7.98 6.16983E+11none
SPYService Weapon7"To Live A LieTLAL203-7see list $9.98 6.16983E+11none
DRY SOCKETShiver7"To Live A LieTLAL206-7see list $7.98 6.16983E+11none
DEATH TOLL 80KThe Future Is YoursLPTo Live A LieTLAL209-1see list $19.98 6.16983E+11none
NOCOMPLYEast Coast PowerviolenceLPTo Live A LieTLAL220-1see list $19.98 6.16983E+11none
BACKSLIDERPsychic RotLPTo Live A LieTLAL231-1see list $19.98 6.16983E+11none
SPYHabitual OffenderLPTo Live A LieTLAL228-1see list $39.98 3.31983E+11none
SPYHabitual OffenderCDTo Live A LieTLAL228-2see list $11.98 6.16983E+11none
NOCOMPLY / SIDETRACKEDSplit7"To Live A LieTLAL216-7see list $9.98 3.31983E+11none
VENOMOUS CONCEPT / UNDER ATTACKThe Kids Are Alright split EP7"To Live A LieTLAL243-7see list $9.98 3.31983E+11none
ROTOrganicCDTo Live A LieTLAL249-2see list $11.98 3.31983E+11none
UNDER ATTACKSelf Titled7"To Live A LieTLAL253-7see list $9.98 3.31983E+11none
HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATHForbidden TechniquesCDTo Live A LieTLAL137-2see list $11.98 3.31983E+11none
ENDORPHINS LOSTNight PeopleLPTo Live A LieTLAL247-1see list $24.98 3.31983E+11none
CROMThe Cocaine Wars 1974-1989LPTo Live A LieTLAL135-1see list $24.98 3.31983E+11none
CROMThe Cocaine Wars 1974-1990CDTo Live A LieTLAL135-2see list $14.98 3.31983E+11none
TRANSIENT & BASTARD NOISECOMPLETED EXPOSITION & BLACKPHONE666, Split 7ý7"To Live A LieTLAL234-7see list $9.98 3.31983E+11none
Pryer For CleansingThe Rain In Endless FallLPTo Live A LieTLAL237-1see list $49.98 3.31983E+11none
Hummingbird of DeathFull Spectrum DominanceLPTo Live A LieTLAL224-1see list $24.98 3.31983E+11none
Musket Hawk / Grin and Bear It / Sidetracked / UglysplitLPTo Live A LieTLAL225-1see list $24.98 3.31983E+11none
ViolenciaViviendo Tiempos Aœn M‡s Oscuros LPTo Live A LieTLAL229-1see list $24.98 3.31983E+11none
Cryptic VoidPhyswarLPTo Live A LieTLAL248-1see list $24.98 3.31983E+11none
Sex PrisonerState Property7"To Live A LieTLAL257-7see list $9.98 3.31983E+11none
REALIZETwo Human MinutesLPTo Live A LieTLAL250-1see list $24.98 3.31983E+11none
PIG CITYSelf TitledLPTo Live A LieTLAL254-1see list $19.98 3.31983E+11none