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Here is the label description for ‘OLD SCHOOL METAL’…
There was a time when metal ruled the world. A day when almost every band had an original, killer sound. Today that era is called Old School.Old School Metal Records is based out of California. We are a multicultural, multiracial independent effort with the primary mission of bringing back something that we miss, and that we believe still has a place in this world.Old School Metal Records – Bringing it to you Oldschool Style!

Old School Metal Records 056003-9 DVD Laaz Rockit Live Untold 183626000958 $14.98
Old School Metal Records 056004-2 CD (Enhanced) Anger As Art Callous & Furor 893446001041 $13.98
Old School Metal Records OSM006-2 CD Nerlich Defabricated Process 678277131521 $13.98
Old School Metal Records OSM007-2 CD (w/Bonus Tracks) Laaz Rockit City’s Gonna Burn 634479500909 $13.98
Old School Metal Records 056008-2 CD (w/Bonus Tracks) Chaosfear One Step Behind Anger 634479495113 $13.98
Old School Metal Records 056010-2 CD Kryptos The Ark Of Gemini 634479762352 $13.98
Old School Metal Records 056011-2 CD Hexen State Of Insurgency 634479815362 $13.98
Old School Metal Records 056012-2 CD Chaosfear Image Of Disorder 634479913082 $13.98
Old School Metal Records 056013-2 DigiPack Potential Threat A New Threat Level 884502146769 $13.98
Old School Metal Records 056014-2 CD Anger As Art Disfigure 751937361220 $13.98
Old School Metal Records 056016-2 DigiPack Stonecreep The Death March Crushes On 800828322427 $13.98
Old School Metal Records 056017-2 DigiPack Potential Threat Civilization Under Threat 884502146769 $13.98
Old School Metal Records 056018-2 CD Anger As Art Hubris Inc 617401200733 $13.98
Old School Metal Records 056019-1 Picture Disc Anger As Art Hubris Inc 617401200740 $15.98
Old School Metal Records 056021-2 DigiPack Reptilian Death The Dawn Of Consumation and Emergence 617401200764 $13.98
Old School Metal Records 056022-2 DigiPack Resurrection Soul Descent – March of Death 617401200771 $13.98


Make sure to stock up on Rodent Popsicle titles and the new Profane Existence release, Aftermathematics LP + Get Off Your Ass EP, out August 12!

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Impose Mag features Riot House’s SPENCER MOODY, “Single Car Accident”

Some of the greatest songs of both the classical and modern form center around a series of cataclysmic and disruptive life events that occur while behind the wheel. From dust bowl travels in a busted jalopy with the family Joad, to every country western song about a broke-down pick-up truck, the vehicle plot device becomes a container for personal exposition with metaphoric turning points and On The Road collision wreckage.

This is “Single Car Accident”, the A-side of a new 7-inch from the man behind The Murder City Devils, and Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death; Spencer Moody. The guitars drive like heavy-lidded-blood-shot eyes staring out into a darkened two-lane highway, with chords toned like twisted metal. Shouting the title with all the asphalt and gravel he can kick up, Spencer starts the song with the autobiographical introduction, “that’s the story of me.” The bruises and hurt that stem from and surrounds the “Single Care Accident” pits the woeful speed that causes the crash against the physical and emotional pains growled in the headache haze of, “a little lost, a little slow.” Moody packs an omnibus of anguish, where he and producer Dann Gallucci create a world large enough to match the larger-than-life character of Spencer’s delivery. “Accident” places you as a witness at the scene of impact, where only the strong enough to survive the ordeal stand to tell the tale.

Along with the b-side, “Polish Handgun”, the “Single Care Accident” 7-inch will be released September 9 via Riot House Records. Read the full feature here.

August new release book!


The August 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is July 29th. Street date is August 12th.

Below is a list of this months current releases!Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions!

Committee to Keep Music Evil CKME025-1 LP SLOW MOTION RIDER Slow Motion Rider 25358859414 $19.98
Committee to Keep Music Evil CKME025-2 CD SLOW MOTION RIDER Slow Motion Rider 735885940027 $9.98
Crysella M00892-2 CD SERENUS Draining Me To Death 4021884008926 $14.98
Deep Six DSR 068-7 7″ EP LOW THREAT PROFILE Product 1 685306006873 $6.98
Dive Bomb DIVE066-2 CD REVEREND Play God (Deluxe Edition) 711576006623 $18.98
Dive Bomb Dive065-2 CD REVEREND World Won’t Miss You (Deluxe Edition) 711576006524 $18.98
Gore House GHP021-7 7″ EXTREMELY ROTTEN Zombification of the Masses 617353769265 $8.98
Gore House GHP022-2 CD PARTY CANNON Partied In Half 617353769289 $11.98
Gore House GHP023-2 CD SWINE OVERLORD Parables of Umbral Transcendence 617353769296 $12.98
Jailhouse JHR050-1 LP SPECIAL DUTIES ‘77 One More Time, Volume 1 760921746554 $15.98
Profane Existence Exist 333-2 CD OPPOSITION RISING Aftermathematics LP + Get Off Your Ass EP 747728033322 $7.98

Tankcrimes’ FUCKED UP ep & summer tour dates!

Tankcrimes’ teams up with long time pals FUCKED UP to release the 6th record in its “Zodiac Series” on vinyl and CD. “Year of the Dragon” is a 17.5 minute epic anthem about dreams, expectations, compromise and hypocrisy. Already well-known for being dynamic, FUCKED UP melds efforts of rock, psychedelic, punk and metal into a comprehensive and imposing opus. Side B is rounded out with two classic Canadian punk covers from CARDBOARD BRAINS and THE UGLY. Place your order with Mike Beer @ILD right now! See FUCKED UP‘s US & UK tour dates below… #fuckedUp #zodiacSeries


Thursday 10 Chicago IL, US Bottom Lounge
Friday 11 Detroit MI, US Loving Touch
Sunday 20 Pemberton, CA Pemberton Festival
Saturday 09 Montreal, CA Heavy MTL
Sunday 10 Montreal, CA Heavy MTL
Friday 15 Vancouver BC, US Fortune Sound Club
Saturday 16 Seattle WA, US Neumos
Sunday 17 Portland OR, US Music Fest NW
Tuesday 19 San Francisco CA, US The Independent
Wednesday 20 Ventura CA, US The Garage
Thursday 21 Los Angeles CA, US El Rey Theatre
Friday 22 Pomona CA, US Glasshouse
Saturday 23 San Diego CA, US Casbah
Saturday 06 New York NY, US Irving Plaza