Divebomb Bootcamp release book!


The Divebomb Bootcamp release book is out and can be downloaded here. All these titles are available for immediate shipping.

The Divebomb Bootcamp series was previously only sold on Divebombs mail-order. Due to its popularity and demand it is now being offered to stores as well.

Below is the list of the releases! Let us know if you have any questions!

Divebomb DIVE045-2 CDEP MANTA RAY Visions of Towering Alchemy 711576004520
Divebomb DIVE046-2 2xCD INNER SANCTUM Knowledge At Hand 711576004629
Divebomb DIVE047-2 CD FIRSTRIKE Deadly Voltage 711576004728
Divebomb DIVE048-2 CD WEAPONS Reflections Of A Troubled Mind 711576004827
Divebomb DIVE049-2 CD MINISTERS OF ANGER Renaissance 711576004926
Divebomb DIVE053-2 CD ROENWOLFE Neverwhere Dreamscape 711576005329
Divebomb DIVE054-2 CD ERADIKATOR Dystopia 711576005428
Divebomb DIVE055-2 CD EVERTHRONE Evil Tongues 711576005527
Divebomb DIVE056-2 CDEP ELECTRIC AGE Electric Age 711576005626
Divebomb DIVE059-2 CD REIGN Now & Forever 711576005923
Divebomb DIVE060-2 CD SAVAGE CHOIR Winter Of Probator 711576006029
Divebomb DIVE061-2 CD GROSS REALITY Overthrow 711576006128
Divebomb DIVE062-2 CD THE HIDDEN Fearful Symmetry 711576006227
Divebomb DIVE063-2 CD ENFORCE The Final Sign 711576006326
Divebomb DIVE064-2 CD SUPERIOR Moral Alliance 711576006425
Divebomb DIVE068-2 CD AZRAEL Television Slave 711576006821
Divebomb DIVE069-2 CD EROTIKILL Virgin Speed 711576006920
Divebomb DIVE070-2 CD WITCH MEADOW Cry Of The Wolf 711576007026
Divebomb DIVE071-2 2xCD ENERTIA Victim Of Thought 711576007125
Divebomb DIVE072-2 CD NIGHT IN GALES Ashes & Ends 711576007224
Divebomb DIVE088-2 CD THE HORDE OF TORMENT Distorted Recollections 711576008825
Divebomb DIVE089-2 CD OBSCENE JESTER Citadel’s On Fire 711576008924
Divebomb DIVE096-2 CD HOLOSADE A Circle Of Silent Screams 711576009624
Divebomb DIVE097-2 CD AFTERMATH Killing The Future 711576009723
Divebomb DIVE100-2 CD HAVE MERCY/NAPALM/POWERMAD Bootcamp Origins 711576010026
Divebomb DIVE120-2 CD MINDS EYE The Awakening 711576012020
Divebomb DIVE121-2 2xCD OBLIVION Cyclogenesis: Songs For Armageddon 711576012129
Divebomb DIVE122-2 CD VARIX Morbid Tribute To Distortion 711576012228
Divebomb DIVE123-2 CD FAITH COLLAPSING Lost 711576012327