June new release book!


The June 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is May 27th. Street date is June 10th.

Below is a list of this months current releases!Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions!

Anchorless ALR02301-1 LP TEEN AGERS I Hate It 616822010419
Crysella M00913-2 2XCD THE ANGINA PECTORIS Anno Domini/On The Burning Funeral Pyre 4021884009138
Crysella M00915-2 CD DAS PROJEKT Les Belles Infidèles 4021884009152
Crysella M00914-2 Digipak CD VARIOUS ARTISTS Hellectrified Exposure Vol. 1 4021884009145
Deepsix DSR 181-7 7″ EP MAN IS THE BASTARD Backward Species 685306018173
Tribunal TRB115-2 CD KILLWHITNEYDEAD Suffer My Wrath 711578011526
Frontier FRT101-7 7″ EP THE ADOLESCENTS Welcome To Reality 018663010175
Frontier FRT107-7 7″ EP THE MIDDLE CLASS Out of Vogue 018660010772
Frontier FRT108-7 7″ FLYBOYS Crayon World b/w Square City 018663010878
Gore House GHP018-2 CD CLITGORE The Final Cuntdown 617353769234
Gore House GHP019-2 CDEP SCROTOCTOMY From Torture To Putrefaction 617353769241
Gore House GHP015-2 CD STAGES OF DECOMPOSITION Piles Of Rotting Flesh 617353769210
Gore House GHP16-2 Digipak CD STAGES OF DECOMPOSITION Piles Of Rotting Flesh 617353769203
Gore House GHP017-4 CASS STAGES OF DECOMPOSITION Piles Of Rotting Flesh 617353769227
Hella Mad HMR015-2 CDEP BITE Cliff Diving 029882566046
Hella Mad HMR014-7 7″ THE CROISSANTS We’re In The Basement 879199001477
Hella Mad HMR017-1 LP HE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED Humaniterorist 879198 009771
Hella Mad HMR016-2 CD VARIOUS ARTISTS Keep Them Gaggin’ 852675756795
Patac PATAC028-7 7″ SIEGE Lost Session ‘91 045635351967
SRA SRA025-2 CD FLAG OF DEMOCRACY Hate Rock 061979002525
SRA SRA027-2 CD FLAG OF DEMOCRACY Home Lobotomy Kit 880270327126