May new releases!


The May 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is April 29th. Street date is May 13th.

It’s another strong month of new releases here at ILD!

Beer City starts it off with the reissue of the hardcore classic VERBAL ABUSE Just An American Band.

Chunksaah bust out with some solo folk-rock from the likes of the ever popular TIM BARRY entitled Raising Hell & Living Cheap – Live In Richmond CD

Crysella has four new releases for this month starting with ASYLUM ESCAPEYou’re Teasing Me goth- rock CD single. PORTEJourney Of My Life CD is the debut full-length from Bali, Indonesia’s Alternative Rock band… ROUGHHAUSEN The Medicated Generation is the current project of ex-FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY/WILL/DECREE guitarist J. Stoddard. VERI JUMALAObsession With Sanity CD is the debut album of the German dark rocker.

Dionysus has two garage rock offerings for us this month: THE DUKES OF HAMBURG Liverpool Beat LP plus THE SATELLITERS’ More of The Satelliters LP and CD.

East Grand is busy once again cause it has five new offerings for us this time around– CONTINENTAL’s 1000 Miles 7″ provides listeners with two poppy, catchy tracks of hybrid rock/folk/ country. There’s a split release with BAD ASSETS/BEST IDEA EVER!: one band plays oi and the other skate rock! …THE DEVIL’S CUT No Salvation CD brings us Americana, folk and punk-influenced Rock n Roll. We then get an LP/CD by Melbourne Celt folk-punksTHE RAMSHACKLE ARMY Letters from the Road Less Travelled . REBEL SPIES Before I Die, I Shall Destroy the Rebel Spies!’ busts out with a hardcore/punk 7″ that will remind you of old hardcore from back in the day!…

Gore House Productions offers us three dripping, bloody red, intense death metal releases! We start it out with Japanese tech-gurus,BLEEDEAD Mustma Dorcheme CD EP. CEREBRAL INCUBATIONAsphyxiating on Excrement is a classic in the underground death metal scene and now has finally made its way to wax! COLPOLSCOPY Ready For Gore is the extreme CD debut of this So Cal death metal band!

Riot House has two offerings for us this month! The first being from the hardcore/punk BUILDINGSIt Doesn’t Matter 10″ that’s limited to 500 and each hand is numbered… PORCUPINE I See Sound LP forges its singular brand of Rock’n’Roll reminiscent of the late-90s alternative, without compromise.

Six Weeks has unearthed another treasure trove of early 80’s hardcore/punk with NO FRAUDRevolt! 1984 Demos on LP/CD. This album is their earliest material, before its first legitimate demo and subsequent 7” and LP.

To Live A Lie’s MINDLESS’Planet Of Pestilence 7″ has the best elements of sludge metal and merges them with blasting grindcore to create an evil slop of brutal, pummeling mayhem.

That wraps up this month, folks. Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions!

May new releases titles list:

VERBAL ABUSE-Just An American Band LP
TIM BARRY-Raising Hell and Living Cheap–Live In Richmond CD
ASYLUM ESCAPE-You’re Teasing Me CD single
PORTE-Journey Of My Life CD
ROUGHHAUSEN-The Medicated Generation CD
VERI JUMALA-Obsession With Sanity CD
THE SATELLITERS-More of The Satelliters LP and CD
CONTINENTAL-1000 Miles 7″
THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY-Letters from the Road Less Travelled LP and CD
REBEL SPIES!-Before I Die, I Shall Destroy the Rebel Spies! 7″
BLEEDEAD-Mustma Dorcheme CDEP
CEREBRAL INCUBATION-Asphyxiating On Excrement LP
BUILDINGS-It Doesn’t Matter 10″
NO FRAUD-Revolt! 1984 Demos LP and CD
MINDLESS-Planet Of Pestilence 7″

March 2014 new releases!


The March 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here.

Ship date is February 26th. Street date is March 11th so please get your pre- orders in. JOEL GRIND – The Yellowgoat Sessions LP is available for immediate shipment.

It’s another strong month of new releases here at ILD……

We start off with Acid Rat’s JOEL GRIND ‘The Yellowgoat Sessions’ LP. This is Joel of Toxic Holocaust fame here, people, and playing all the instruments on this release at that! This record is real metal and is reminiscent of early TOXIC HOLOCAUST..

From After Music we have another unusual LP offering ‘KRAMPUSO/VOCOKESHSplit LP. This time with jazzy, improvised noise rock KRAMPUSO and the space rock offerings of VOCOKESH featuring Richard from space rock legends F/I. ..

Beer City brings us another classic hardcore reissue this time from Germany’s early 80’s hardcore pioneers INFERNO Pioneering Work: 56 Song Discography 2XCD ..

Two fine LP releases by Dionyus– the first being surf instrumental by JASON LEE AND THE R.I.P. TIDES and then a 12 band 12 track garage/surf comp LP reissue that was a very limited press in the early 90’s entitled Rockin Jellybeans Jumpin Jukebox

Divebomb is once again doing us proud by offering three reissues for this month! ADDICTIVE ‘ Kick ‘Em Hard (Rebooted Edition)’ 2XCD contains 28 tracks of Thrash metal , 80’s Swiss metal outfits SULTAN‘Check & Mate (Deluxe Edition)’ CD and then German early 90’s thrash metal GRINDER‘Dead End (Deluxe Edition)’ CD…

Innerstrength brings us the brand new effort of gritty hardcore metal outfit HAVENSIDE‘Living Our Darkest Days’ LP and CD…

The members of the legendary DEATH will be proud of their sons as ROUGH FRANCIS’ first LP Maximum Soul Power comes out on Riot House on LP and CD. Its a mix of 70’s proto punk, Motown and hardcore to make a unique sound of their own… ‘

Tankcrimes annihilates us with a brand new release and two sought-after titles now back in print on LP. First up is the BAT‘Primitive Age’ CASS which is a metal punk pounding featuring Ryan Waste of MUNICIPAL WASTE and Felix Griffin of DRI. After a two year wait, CANNABIS CORPSEBeneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise death/metal onslaught is once again available on vinyl! Speaking of available on vinyl again: After being out of print in LP form since 2008 our favorite hooded cannibalistic thrash metal band from Creepsylvania GHOULSplatterthrash’ LP is once again available!

That’s it for this month new releases, folks. Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions.

March new releases titles list…….
Joel Grind-The Yellowgoat Sessions LP
Krampuso/Vocokesh-Split LP
Inferno-Pioneering Work: 56 Song Discography 2XCD
Jason Lee and the R.I.P. Tides-S/T LP
Various Artists– Rockin’ Jellybean’s Jumpin’ Jukebox LP
Addictive-Kick ‘Em Hard (Rebooted Edition) 2XCD
Sultan-Check & Mate (Deluxe Edition) CD
Grinder-Dead End (Deluxe Edition) CD
Havenside-Living Our Darkest Days LP and CD
Rough Francis-Maximum Soul Power LP and CD
Bat-Primitive Age CASS
Cannabis Corpse-Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise LP
Ghoul-Splatterthrash LP

January 2013 new releases!

The January 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here.

While ship date is December 30th and the street date is January 7th; some of these titles are now in stock and available for immediate shipment. Said titles are listed below.Please note the ‘Weekend Nachos- Still LP’ is not in the new release book (It just showed up without notice recently) , but is available for immediate shipment as well.

Titles available for immediate shipment

Weekend Nachos- Still LP< Dukes of Hamburg- Twist Time LP Dukes of Hamburg- Bad Side LP Behind Enemy Lines- Know Your Enemy CD Behind Enemy Lines- One Nation CD< Dirty Kid Discount- Sharpen Your Knives 7" Frustration- Disintegrate 7" Kata Sarka/Boddicker- The David Lee 7" Abuse- Abuse LP Seasick- Eschaton LP No Comply/Suppression- Split 10" ----------------------------------------------------- New releases include titles by...... The Loud Ones Man Is the Bastard/Bizarre Uproar Dukes Of Hamburg< Behind Enemy Lines Dirty Kid Discount Frustration< Kata Sarka/ Boddicker Cannabis Corpse/ Ghoul Exhumed/Iron Reagan Abuse Seasick No Comply/ Suppression

Dionysus Records Update: Replikas & Creepxotica News!

Read the REPLIKAS‘ thoughts re: their new LP and the recent unrest in Turkey here. Check out their new video for “Kaleden…” below!

Replikas – Kaleden Kaleye Sahin Ucurdum from replikas on Vimeo.

CREEPXOTICA (side project of the CREEPY CREEPS) getting great press on their new Haunted Bossa Nova LP, read the review on Ambient Exotica.

June new release book!


The June 2013 new release book is out and can be downloaded here.Street date is June 11th so get your pre orders in.We have a bunch of killer releases coming out so pre order now!

New releases include titles by……
ACXDC/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoners
The Kill
Violent Affair
YES L.A. comp!