September 2023 new release book!

The September 2023 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Street date is September 8th.

For this month Artisan Era brings us the CD version of brand new death metal release by DISTENTION. Divebomb has two metal scorchers for this month. The first is a brand new thrash full length CD by GROSS REALITY. The second is a compilation CD by IRONFLAME of all their rare tracks including some never before released!

You can download all the cover image(s) from this link.

Artisan Era AE067-2 CD DISTENTION Nothing Comes From Death 123184006726
Divebomb DIVE235-2 CD GROSS REALITY Return To Ruin 711576023521
Divebomb DIVE236-2 CD IRONFLAME Compendium 711576023620