RSD 2016 releases!


The Record Store Day 2016 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. It has all the info , pressing quantities and other special info.Please make sure to get your order in right away. These titles will sell out really fast.

All of these titles are official Record Store Day titles.

This years RSD brings us alot of fantastic titles by THE FACTION, M.D.C.,CANCEROUS GROWTH, THE CRUSTIES, ROECKER | MELODY.

Below is a list of this years RSD releases! Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions!

Beer City BCR179-1 LP M.D.C. This Bloods For You/ Millions of Damn Christians 650557017916
Beer City BCR180-1 LP M.D.C. Elvis In the Rheinland (Live In Berlin) 650557018012
Beer City BCR181-1 LP M.D.C. Metal Devil Cokes 650557018111
Beer City BCR182-1 LP M.D.C. Hey Cop!!! If I Had a Face Like Yours 650557018210
Beer City BCR183-1 LP M.D.C. Shades of Brown 650557018319
Beer City BCR192-1 12″ THE FACTION Yesterday Is Gone 650557019279
Beer City BCR193-1 12″ THE FACTION No Hidden Messages 650557019316
Beer City BCR194-1 12″ THE FACTION Corpse In Disguise 650557019477
Beer City BCR195-1 12″ THE FACTION Dark Room 650557019514
Beer City BCR196-1 12″ THE FACTION Epitaph 650557019613
Beer City BCR204-1 LP CANCEROUS GROWTH Hmmlmmlum… 650557020411
Beer City BCR207-1 LP THE CRUSTIES Crustunes 650557020718
Beer City BCR217-1 LP ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT Terrorize 650557021715
Frontier 31086-1 LP ROECKER | MELODY One Foot On The Mattress, The Other On The Floor 18663108612