Rodent Popsicle release book!

You can now download a complete release book of all the ‘Rodent Popsicle’ releases in print.

‘Rodent Popsicle’ is a Boston-based DIY punk and hardcore record label established in 1992! Originally the label was formed to release a couple of records for Boston area band ‘Toxic Narcotic’. Eventually they began releasing other bands on the label and soon enough it was a full-time endeavor.

Right around the year 2000, ‘Rodent Popsicle’ began releasing bands from all around the world. At that point ‘Rodent Popsicle’ released their first 12” LP and DVD. Though their focus is DIY punk and hardcore, they did not limit themselves to releasing music of that genre only. Most of the bands they release are hardworking and constantly touring, but musically span all the genres of punk rock. In their opinion, the true ethic of punk was not to look and sound the same.