October new release book!


The October 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is September 30th. Street date is October 14th.

Below is a list of this months current releases! Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions!

After Music AMR 30-1 LP TENSE EXPERTS /THREE SNAKE LEAVES Tense Experts/Three Snake Leaves split 103060002301 $14.98
Bacchus BA1155-1 LP THE AVENGERS VI Real Cool Hits 053477115517 $15.98
East Grand EGRC025-2 CD CONTINENTAL Millionaires 799559121730 $11.98
East Grand EGRC028-2 CD THE BLUE BLOODS Non-Rhotic 702380784852 $11.98
East Grand EGRC023-1 LP THE DIRTY MUGS Wildfire 799559121761 $13.98
East Grand EGRC023-2 CD THE DIRTY MUGS Wildfire 700615683239 $11.98
East Grand EGRC029-2 CD THE MAHONES The Hunger & The Fight 702380784869 $12.98
Jailhouse JHR052-7 7″ F/DUKE DECTER None Dare Call It Treason 703610768123 $6.98
Jailhouse JHR050-1 LP SPECIAL DUTIES 77 One More Time, Volume 1 760921746554 $15.98
Specialist Subject SPS029-7 7″ PALE ANGELS Strange Powers (ARC Live Session) 055450002975 $10.98
Specialist Subject SPS026-2 CD HELEN CHAMBERS Penny Arcade 055450002623 $20.98
Tank Crimes TC83-1 LP BRAINOIL Brainoil 879198108313 $17.98
Tank Crimes TC83-2 CD BRAINOIL Brainoil 879198108320 $11.98
Tank Crimes TC55-2 CD BRAINOIL Death of This Dry Season 879198105527 $11.98
Tank Crimes TC85-1 2XLP DYSTOPIA Human = Garbage 879198108511 $22.98
Tank Crimes TC85-2 CD DYSTOPIA Human = Garbage 879198108528 $10.98
Tank Crimes TC82-1 LP GHOUL We Came for the Dead 879198108214 $17.98
To Live a Lie TLAL105-1 LP FISTULA Vermin Prolificus 616983336113 $13.98