November 2019 new release book!

The November 2019 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is October 29th. Street date is November 8th.

Below is the list of the new releases! Make sure to get your orders in right away. Let us know if you have any questions!

Artisan Era AE029-1 LP IMMANIFEST Macrobial 123184002919
Artisan Era AE029-2 CD IMMANIFEST Macrobial 123184002926
Beer City BCR211-1 LP ADRENALIN O.D. Humungusfungusamoungus – Millennium Edition LP 650557021111
Divebomb DIVE188-2 CD MELIAH RAGE Death Valley Dream (Deluxe Edition) 711576018824
Divebomb DIVE189-2 CD MELIAH RAGE The Deep And Dreamless Sleep (Remixed) 711576018923
Divebomb DIVE190-2 CD STATE OF MIND Mass Persecution 711576019029
Divebomb DIVE191-2 CD LUNAR Eidolon 711576019128
To Live A Lie TLAL163-7 7″ GLUE TRAPS Future Shocks 616983335154
To Live A Lie TLAL166-1 LP UGLY Betrayal 616983335369
To Live A Lie TLAL167-1 LP PIG CITY Terminal Decline 616983335383
To Live A Lie TLAL172-1 LP JOY No Light Below 616983336519