MDC to tour Japan – JAN – FEB 2018


To all our customers in Japan or anyone that sells to stores in Japan.

M.D.C. will be doing a tour of Japan from January 25th- February 5th. While this is almost two months away its important to start planing your orders so you have stuff before , during and after this tour. M.D.C. does not come to Japan to often so this is sure to be big and get a lot of attention.

Below is the list of the M.D.C. releases.Please let us know if you have any questions.

Beer City BCR175-1 LP MDC Millions of Dead Cops – Millennium Edition 650557017510
Beer City BCR175-2 CD MDC Millions of Dead Cops – Millennium Edition 650557017527
Beer City BCR176-7 7″ MDC Multi Death Corporations 650557017671
Beer City BCR177-7 7″ MDC Millions of Dead Children (Chicken Squawk) 650557017770
Beer City BCR190-1 LP MDC Live at CBGB’s 1983 650557019019
Beer City BCR191-7 7″ MDC/THE STAINS John Wayne Was a Nazi 650557019170
Beer City BCR179-1 LP MDC This Bloods For You/ Millions of Damn Christians 650557017916
Beer City BCR180-1 LP MDC Elvis In the Rheinland (Live In Berlin) 650557018012
Beer City BCR181-1 LP MDC Metal Devil Cokes 650557018111
Beer City BCR182-1 LP MDC Hey Cop!!! If I Had a Face Like Yours 650557018210
Beer City BCR183-1 LP MDC Shades of Brown 650557018319
Beer City BCR221-1 LP M.D.C. / RESTARTS Mobocracy 650557022118
Beer City BCR222-1 LP M.D.C. Millions of Dead Cops – East Bay Ray and Klaus Flouride Remix 650557022217
Beer City BCR184-1 LP M.D.C. Magnus Dominus Corpus 650557018418