MDC gets world wide exposure on the ‘American Music’ awards!


This Sunday at the American Music Awards Green Day stuck a slightly modified chant from an M.D.C. song called ‘Born To Die’ off MDC first LP titled ‘Millions of Dead Cops’ . The chant goes “No War , No KKK , No facets USA” . Lately MDC has been changing the chant to ” No Trump , No KKK , no facets USA”. Green Day being long term MDC fans stuck this chant right into the middle of their song thus exposing the 8.2 million viewers to MDC. As well as all the people that would latter check out this clip.

Further exposure was then gained when Rolling Stone did an interview with MDC vocalist and founder Dave Dictor about the song and its origins.

Without a doubt all this publicity will cause customers to come looking for this and other MDC records. Make sure you have them in stock.

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