May 2019 new release book!


The May 2019 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is April 30thth. Street date is May 10th.

Below is the list of the new releases! Make sure to get your orders in right away. Let us know if you have any questions!

Artisan Era AE027-1 LP INANIMATE EXISTENCE Clockwork 123184002421
Artisan Era AE027-2 CD INANIMATE EXISTENCE Clockwork 123184002414
Artisan Era AE019-1 LP WARFORGED I: Voice 123184001912
Artisan Era AE019-2 CD WARFORGED I: Voice 123184001929
Patac PATAC041-1 LP FISTULA At War With Pretension 641378758393
Pig Baby PBR011-1 LP THE WOOLLY BUSHMEN In Shambles 724101274114
Pig Baby PBR012-1 LP DEADBOLT Zulu Death Mask 724101274619
Pig Baby PBR013-7 7″ THE SPOON DOGS The Way You Talk About It 724101273971
Pig Baby PBR014-7 7″ BLOODSHOT BILL/THE’S My Little Muck Muck 724101274374
To Live A Lie TLAL158-7 7″ TERMINAL NATION /NECKBEARD DEATHCAMP One Party System 616983335970
To Live A Lie TLAL160-7 7″ SIDETRACKED Hollowed Out 616983335413