March 2024 new release book!

The March 2024 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Street date is March 8th.

We have another great month of new releases here! Artisan Era starts us off with the blazing culmination of their technical death metal prowess APOGEAN – Cyberstrictive LP . Then from there To Live A Lie comes in with two new ones for this month. One a brand new 7″ by SF’s CAVEMAN. Then a reissue on vinyl for the first time ever . Its CODESEVEN’s epic 1999 hardcore album Division Of Labor!

You can download all the cover image(s) from this link.

Artisan Era AE070-1 LP APOGEAN Cyberstrictive 123184007013
To Live A Lie TLAL263-7 7″ CAVEMAN Self Titled 331983026375
To Live A Lie TLAL268-1 LP CODESEVEN Division Of Labor 331983026818