Divebomb / Tribunal

Tribunal Records, now in its 12th year of operation, has proven itself to have been a great starting point for so many new bands in the early stages of their careers. Having introduced the music community to artists such as Atreyu, From Autumn To Ashes, He Is Legend, Scarlet, Daylight Dies, Animosity and Killwhitneydead has only helped to solidify Tribunal Records’ reputation for releasing some of the best music in the scene today. Unlike its formative years, Tribunal Records’ roster has matured and includes the multiple facets of all that rock, metal and hardcore have to offer and now includes its specialty reissue division, Divebomb Records. Tribunal Records’ motto is simple…”Believe in the brand.”

Divebomb Records was formed by Tribunal Records’ owner Matt Rudzinski with a simple mission to reissue heavy metal and hard rock albums of the ’80s and ’90s that he still deems to be vital. Rudzinski recognized a shared love for going to record shows or used music stores, hoping to score that rarity which has alluded fans for much too long and will always remain the one that got away. Divebomb Records hopes to end this cycle with reissues that will help music fans find those much sought after albums they have been seeking and hunting for years, but to no avail. Divebomb Records’ releases are available as limited edition collector releases. The label does this in hopes of keeping the heart and soul alive within this sometimes ugly industry and ultimately for the fans… since Rudzinski is definitely one himself.