Chunksaah Records

Chunksaah Records is the brainchild of The Bouncing Souls, who rather than give up on their dream decided on the “d.i.y.” approach to the record industry. It quickly became a family affair; symbolically named in 1992 after its benefactor Timmy Chunks (notorious for his Queens-aah accentahh). They knew the name was one that would leave a lasting impression, as well as represent the ties that started and have kept the label together.

This d.i.y. approach to the record industry has been everything but glamorous. It involved learning and growing as a family in a familiar and ever changing scene. Chunksaah Records has grown as a family remaining true to the original idea; a label free of industry jargon, lawyer-speak and pigeon-holing, but full of people who are willing to risk it all, work hard, and at the same time be treated equally, like family.

Chunksaah Records: simple folk trying to bring good music to good people in a tumultuous world.