Beer City Skateboards and Records

Beer City started in the summer of 1992. Our goal was to make high quality products that could hold up to hardcore skating and were affordable. Plus offer a wide variety of deck and wheel sizes.

Beer City wasn’t going to just be a skateboard company. It also was going to be a record label. The goal was to put out hardcore,punk and thrash/metal plus anything that was (or was once) under the punk umbrella. We started by putting out 7″s and in no time were doing full lengths to!

Nowadays Beer City is known all over the world for our high quality skateboards and our record label.We work with legendary bands like D.R.I. , Broken Bones,Cancerous Growth,Die Kreuzen, The Faction,Inferno,Loud Ones , Raw Power,Suburban Mutilation,Toxic Reasons,Verbal Abuse and many more.