First Blood Family

FIRST BLOOD FAMILY RECORDS, founded from a drawing by BRAD BLOOD during Highschool, the Wisconsin Skull & Cross Bones logo that became extremely popular over the years. The label began as an offshoot of Blood’s RHETORIC RECORDS (aka, BONGZILLA, BRUTAL TRUTH, PACHINKO and many more….) at the end of the Century, 1999.

2022, First Blood Family is revived again with cohort, DAVE HESHER, packed with multiple releases, from Thrash, Grind, Splatter Rock to Stoner Metal and many more to come ! ! !

Our motto is: We area ALWAYS taking DEMOS! If it’s METAL and we like it! We will put it out! Be it glam , grunge, death metal to poweviolence and EVERYthing in between! If it’s good, we will put it on FIRST BLOOD FAMILY! Send us your demos ! ! !