June 2023 new release book!

The June 2023 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Street date is June 9th.

For this month ARTISIAN ERA brings us the vinyl version of the new DEMON KING – Visalia 12″. To LO LIVE A LIE has 4 new LP releases by HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH , a 4 way split, VIOLENCIA (Mexican hardcore/punk) and Cryptic Void! All are of the HARDCORE/GRINDCORE/THRASH/POWER VIOLENCE persuasion. As well as a reissue of the long out of print SEX PRISONER – State Property 7″.

You can download all the cover image(s) from this link.

Artisan Era AE065-1 LP DEMON KING Vesania 123184006511
To Live A Lie TLAL224-1 LP HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH Full Spectrum Dominance 331983022414
To Live A Lie TLAL225-1 LP MUSKET HAWK / GRIN AND BEAR IT / SIDETRACKED / UGLY Split, LP Split 331983022513
To Live A Lie TLAL229-1 LP VIOLENCIA Viviendo Tiempos Aún Más Oscuros 331983022919
To Live A Lie TLAL248-1 LP CRYPTIC VOID Physwar 331983024814
To Live A Lie TLAL257-7 7″ SEX PRISONER State Property 331983025774