June 2017 new release book!


The June 2017 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is May 30th. Street date is June 9th.

Below is the list of the new releases! Make sure to get your pre-orders in right away. Let us know if you have any questions!

BEER CITY BCR222-1 LP M.D.C. “Millions of Dead Cops – East Bay Ray and Klaus Flouride Remix”  650557022217
Divebomb DIVE143-2 2xCD DEADLY BLESSING Psycho Drama (Deluxe Edition) 711576014321
Dionysus ID1233167-1 LP ROBERT DRASNIN Voodoo III 053477316716
Dionysus ID1233167-2 CD ROBERT DRASNIN Voodoo III 053477316723
Dionysus ID1233171 10˝ EP “CREEPXOTICA FEATURING RACHEL DESHON”  Creepxotica featuring Rachel DeShon  053477317119
Dionysus ID1233170 12” LP CREEPXOTICA “Swinging Sounds from Beyond the Nether Regions”  053477317010
Old School Metal OSM026-1 LP (Multicolored) ANTIDOTE The Rock Years 617401200818
To Live A Lie TLAL130-7 DESPISE YOU / COKE BUST Split 616983336076
To Live A Lie TLAL131-1 LP MAGNUM FORCE Discography 616983335185