July new release book!


The July 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is June 24th. Street date is July 8th.

Below is a list of this months current releases!Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions!

After Music AMR29-2 CD DARREN BROWN Analgesic/Calmative 825576264720
Anchorless 027-1 10” LP GREENHORN I WANT MORE 819162015834
Crysella M00916-2 Digipak CD EVIL GOAT RIDERS From Now On 4021884009169
Deep Six DSR-077-1 LP EXTORTION Degenerate 685306007719
East Grand EGRC021-7 7″ 1592/BAD ASSETS Split 799559121785
East Grand EGRC020-1 LP THE HEX BOMBS Everything Earned 700615683208
East Grand EGRC020-2 CD THE HEX BOMBS Everything Earned 799559121792
East Grand EGRC022-2 CD BENNY NO-GOOD I Am You 799559121778
Gore House GHP014-7 7″ VULVECTOMY Syphilic Dismembered Slut 617353769197
Gore House GHP020-2 CD PHALLOPLSTY Systematic Mutilation 617353769258
Hella Mad HMR011-2 CD POINT OF VIEW Burner 852673504442
Innerstrength ISR021-2 CDEP GHOSTXSHIP Cold Water Army 859700002124
Jailhouse JHR 049-1 LP SYMBOL SIX Dirtyland 760921746578
Six Weeks SFL028 Fanzine SHORT FAST & LOUD Short Fast & Loud #28 790168002861
Tankcrimes TC79-4 CASS NIGHT BIRDS The Other Side of Darkness 879198107941
Tankcrimes TC80-4 CASS NIGHT BIRDS Born to Die in Suburbia 879198108047
Tankcrimes TC78-4 CASS THE SHRINE Bless Off 879198107842
To Live a Lie TLAL103-7 7″ IMPULSE Chula Violence 616983335475