ILD – Welcomes ‘ First Blood Family’!

Were very happy to welcome ‘ First Blood Family’ to Independent Label Distribution. We made a special ‘First Blood Family’ booklet that can be downloaded here.

‘First Blood Family’ is a new label thats all about Metal and the many sub genres of it. All the info can be found in the booklet that you can download above! If your store carries metal make you pick up all these release.

These releases are also all in the May new release book and new release sheet and can be ordered when you order the May new releases. Or for that matter right now.

First Blood Family FBF1000-1 LP TOE TAG Scroat To Throat Hide The Knives 710470000119
First Blood Family FBF1001-1 LP INFINITE SUN Abnormal Lifeforms 710470000218
First Blood Family FBF1002-1 LP TRAITOR Last Hope For The Wretched 710470000317
First Blood Family FBF1003-1 LP ANEW WORLD MACHINE Mechanical Wasteland 710470000416