ILD signs EAST GRAND RECORD CO to exclusive, worldwide distribution deal!

East Grand Record Company was born in the capital of Michigan, forged in a basement record store from the love of independent music. Founded by brothers Mark and Mike Voldeck, with the idea that great DIY music deserves to be heard rather than die out in obscurity. Often resembling a cooperative rather than a traditional label, East Grand boasts an incredible lineup of bands which began with legendary DROPKICK MURPHYS‘ founding guitarist Rick Barton’s CONTINENTAL. Current artists include CONTINENTAL, Celtic-folk-punk heroes THE TOSSPINTS, punk rock and roll powerhouse THE HEX BOMBS, MURDER PARTY!, HIJINX and EXPLICIT BOMBERS. Genres range from Americana to classic punk, but all East Grand bands share common threads of the original punk rock ethos, including DIY mentality, questioning and challenging social and political status quo, anti-establishment sentiment, and maybe above all, “no-bullshit rock ‘n’ roll”!

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