February 2023 new release book!

The February 2023 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Street date is February 10th.

We have three thrash/metal reissues from Divebomb. Some classic Japanese hardcore by Six Weeks. Then some grinding violent hardcore punk from To Live A Lie.

You can download all the cover image(s) from this link .

Below is the list of the new release(s)! Make sure to get your orders in right away. Let us know if you have any questions!

Divebomb DIVE226-2 CD LETHAL DOSE Lethal Dose (Deluxe Edition) 711576022623
Divebomb DIVE227-2 CD SILENCE Vision (Deluxe Edition) 711576022722
Divebomb DIVE228-2 CD FALLEN ANGEL Faith Fails (Deluxe Edition) 711576022821
Six Weeks SW135-7 7″ SYSTEMATIC DEATH Systema Eleven 790168013577
Six Weeks SW135-2 CD SYSTEMATIC DEATH Systema Eleven 790168013572
To Live A Lie TLAL247-1 LP ENDORPHINS LOST Night People 331983024715