Divebomb’s CONFESSOR makes some waves!

Indy weekly.com just did a nice sized article on CONFESSOR. The article covers their start till their eventual demise and all the mishaps that kept this ground breaking band from being the huge well known band it should have been.

Speaking of Confessor…There is a POSSIBLE live stream of their entire set they will be playing tonight in Raleigh, NC. The It will be between 11:00-11:30pm EST.

That wont be it for this legendary metal band. Next Saturday they will be one of the main acts at Maryland Death Fest. Also on the bill is Six Weeks records’ COKE BUST!

Both CONFESSOR and COKE BUST are exclusively distributed through us. So stock up!

Six Weeks- SW117-1- LP- COKE BUST- Lines In The Sand- LP- 790168644917

Confessor/Coke Bust