July new release book!


The July 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is June 24th. Street date is July 8th.

Below is a list of this months current releases!Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions!

After Music AMR29-2 CD DARREN BROWN Analgesic/Calmative 825576264720
Anchorless 027-1 10” LP GREENHORN I WANT MORE 819162015834
Crysella M00916-2 Digipak CD EVIL GOAT RIDERS From Now On 4021884009169
Deep Six DSR-077-1 LP EXTORTION Degenerate 685306007719
East Grand EGRC021-7 7″ 1592/BAD ASSETS Split 799559121785
East Grand EGRC020-1 LP THE HEX BOMBS Everything Earned 700615683208
East Grand EGRC020-2 CD THE HEX BOMBS Everything Earned 799559121792
East Grand EGRC022-2 CD BENNY NO-GOOD I Am You 799559121778
Gore House GHP014-7 7″ VULVECTOMY Syphilic Dismembered Slut 617353769197
Gore House GHP020-2 CD PHALLOPLSTY Systematic Mutilation 617353769258
Hella Mad HMR011-2 CD POINT OF VIEW Burner 852673504442
Innerstrength ISR021-2 CDEP GHOSTXSHIP Cold Water Army 859700002124
Jailhouse JHR 049-1 LP SYMBOL SIX Dirtyland 760921746578
Six Weeks SFL028 Fanzine SHORT FAST & LOUD Short Fast & Loud #28 790168002861
Tankcrimes TC79-4 CASS NIGHT BIRDS The Other Side of Darkness 879198107941
Tankcrimes TC80-4 CASS NIGHT BIRDS Born to Die in Suburbia 879198108047
Tankcrimes TC78-4 CASS THE SHRINE Bless Off 879198107842
To Live a Lie TLAL103-7 7″ IMPULSE Chula Violence 616983335475

May new releases!


The May 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is April 29th. Street date is May 13th.

It’s another strong month of new releases here at ILD!

Beer City starts it off with the reissue of the hardcore classic VERBAL ABUSE Just An American Band.

Chunksaah bust out with some solo folk-rock from the likes of the ever popular TIM BARRY entitled Raising Hell & Living Cheap – Live In Richmond CD

Crysella has four new releases for this month starting with ASYLUM ESCAPEYou’re Teasing Me goth- rock CD single. PORTEJourney Of My Life CD is the debut full-length from Bali, Indonesia’s Alternative Rock band… ROUGHHAUSEN The Medicated Generation is the current project of ex-FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY/WILL/DECREE guitarist J. Stoddard. VERI JUMALAObsession With Sanity CD is the debut album of the German dark rocker.

Dionysus has two garage rock offerings for us this month: THE DUKES OF HAMBURG Liverpool Beat LP plus THE SATELLITERS’ More of The Satelliters LP and CD.

East Grand is busy once again cause it has five new offerings for us this time around– CONTINENTAL’s 1000 Miles 7″ provides listeners with two poppy, catchy tracks of hybrid rock/folk/ country. There’s a split release with BAD ASSETS/BEST IDEA EVER!: one band plays oi and the other skate rock! …THE DEVIL’S CUT No Salvation CD brings us Americana, folk and punk-influenced Rock n Roll. We then get an LP/CD by Melbourne Celt folk-punksTHE RAMSHACKLE ARMY Letters from the Road Less Travelled . REBEL SPIES Before I Die, I Shall Destroy the Rebel Spies!’ busts out with a hardcore/punk 7″ that will remind you of old hardcore from back in the day!…

Gore House Productions offers us three dripping, bloody red, intense death metal releases! We start it out with Japanese tech-gurus,BLEEDEAD Mustma Dorcheme CD EP. CEREBRAL INCUBATIONAsphyxiating on Excrement is a classic in the underground death metal scene and now has finally made its way to wax! COLPOLSCOPY Ready For Gore is the extreme CD debut of this So Cal death metal band!

Riot House has two offerings for us this month! The first being from the hardcore/punk BUILDINGSIt Doesn’t Matter 10″ that’s limited to 500 and each hand is numbered… PORCUPINE I See Sound LP forges its singular brand of Rock’n’Roll reminiscent of the late-90s alternative, without compromise.

Six Weeks has unearthed another treasure trove of early 80’s hardcore/punk with NO FRAUDRevolt! 1984 Demos on LP/CD. This album is their earliest material, before its first legitimate demo and subsequent 7” and LP.

To Live A Lie’s MINDLESS’Planet Of Pestilence 7″ has the best elements of sludge metal and merges them with blasting grindcore to create an evil slop of brutal, pummeling mayhem.

That wraps up this month, folks. Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions!

May new releases titles list:

VERBAL ABUSE-Just An American Band LP
TIM BARRY-Raising Hell and Living Cheap–Live In Richmond CD
ASYLUM ESCAPE-You’re Teasing Me CD single
PORTE-Journey Of My Life CD
ROUGHHAUSEN-The Medicated Generation CD
VERI JUMALA-Obsession With Sanity CD
THE SATELLITERS-More of The Satelliters LP and CD
CONTINENTAL-1000 Miles 7″
THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY-Letters from the Road Less Travelled LP and CD
REBEL SPIES!-Before I Die, I Shall Destroy the Rebel Spies! 7″
BLEEDEAD-Mustma Dorcheme CDEP
CEREBRAL INCUBATION-Asphyxiating On Excrement LP
BUILDINGS-It Doesn’t Matter 10″
NO FRAUD-Revolt! 1984 Demos LP and CD
MINDLESS-Planet Of Pestilence 7″

April 2014 new releases!


The April 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here.Ship date is March 25th.Street date is April 15th.

Its another strong month of new releases here at ILD……

‘Beer City’ starts it off with a brand new thrash metal/hardcore studio album by Italy’s legendary RAW POWER ‘Tired and Furious’ CD…

Next up we have a brand new label for ILD from the other side of the pond ‘Crysella’! BLODWEN BLODWEN CD’ is an Indonesian fronted Symphonic power metal band.. ELECTRONIC INQUISITOR Second Impact CD is all about the electro industrial goth..EREHES Proclamation Ov The Horned God CD’ shows up with some deadly black metal..Iran’sKUADRUMANA The Gamodeme CD’ brings us thrash/metal from an ancient land… THE ANGINA PECTORIS Lakshmi CD and also on DIGIPACK’ is label founder Joelen Mingi’s symphonic metal creation…..VOODOO BIBLE Seven Deadly Sins CD’ are a new noir industrial electronic band straight out of the psychiatric ward! …

‘Deep Six’ brings us another classic power violence reissue that original came out in 1992. The mighty MAN IS THE BASTARD ‘Abundance Of Guns ‘ 10″ …

Our recent addition from overseas ‘Specialist Subject’ has two nice slabs of wax for us this month PERSONAL BEST The Lovin’ 12″ EP; the first album from these Bristol, England folks… and then a 12″ split release with MUNCIE GIRLS/GREAT CYNICS which brings us some fantastic indie/punk rock …

‘Tankcrimes’ kills it again this month with a brand new release and a classic reissue! We start it out with the hardcore/punk sounds ofFUCKED UP ‘Year of the Dragon ‘ 12″Ep and CDEP who return with the 6th record in the “Zodiac Series”… After being out of print for far to long the classic hardcore/punk/thrash metal FINAL CONFLICT ‘Ashes to Ashes ‘ LP and CD once again sees the light of day. Complete with deluxe packaging and plenty of extras. A must have reissue! …

‘To Live A Lie’ Pulls out the big guns with 5 powerviolence release this month! There are threeACXDC releases! – ‘Second Coming ‘ 7″ has been repressed now for the third and final time and comes on clear green vinyl’; ‘He Had It Coming/Second Coming ‘ 2X7″ is two EP’s packaged as one with a gatefold sleeve and limited to 500 on pink vinyl; ‘ACXDC/MAGNUM FORCE/SEX PRISONER ‘ 10″ originally ; out in 2013 and now repressed in 2014 with improved packaging. ‘To Live A Lie, Volume II ‘ LP is the 100th release of ‘To Live A Lie’ and features 29 bands! CAVE STATE s/t 7″ is the much anticipated debut release of this breakout powerviolence band!

That’s wraps up this month folks. Make sure to get your pre orders in and let us know if you have any questions.

April new releases titles list…….
RAW POWER-Tired and Furious CD
EREHES -Proclamation Ov The Horned God CD
THE ANGINA PECTORIS-Lakshmi Cd and digipak
VOODOO BIBLE -Seven Deadly Sins CD
MAN IS THE BASTARD -Abundance Of Guns 10″
FUCKED UP-Year of the Dragon 12″EP and CD EP
FINAL CONFLICT -Ashes to Ashes LP and CD
ACXDC -Second Coming 7″
ACXDC -He Had It Coming/Second Coming 2×7″
To Live A Lie, Volume II- LP
CAVE STATE-Cave State 7″

As its owner matures so do the motives driving the Raleigh punk label, To Live A Lie Records

The simple façade of Will Butler’s Raleigh home does not betray the hardcore punk that foments just inside.

The 30-year-old Butler is an employee of N.C. State University, where he helps manage the school’s digital security. He lives in this cozy, three-bedroom house just outside of downtown Raleigh with his girlfriend, Brittany, and their dog, Barnabas. The exterior is emblematic of the American Dream, with a wooden fence running the length of the lawn and a brick stoop leading the way upward to twin planters.
To Live A Lie Records Fest photo by Adam David Kissick

But the Jetta in the driveway sports several bumper stickers—one advertises the brutal band Charles Bronson, and another proudly proclaims “Vegan.” That’s the only hint that, inside, the dual upstairs bedrooms serve as the operational hub for To Live A Lie Records, a decade-old stronghold for the most extreme offshoots of hardcore punk. Since 2005, Butler has built a strong catalog of grindcore, powerviolence and fastcore—subgenres whose very names suggest the damage the music intends to do.

One bedroom overflows with stacks of boxes filled with records or their accompanying sleeves. Each package is assembled, by hand, when orders arrive. The catalog includes bands from as far away as Australia and Japan; the people ordering them are as far-flung. The other room serves as an office and a storage facility for titles that Butler helps sell from other like-minded labels, again based around the world.

This year, Butler will release To Live A Lie’s 100th title, a 29-track survey featuring punk heavyweights like Weekend Nachos alongside relatively unknown locals such as Abuse. and the short-lived Mad Dog. Its strength, and the fact that a hobbyist label has survived to reach 100 albums, is a testament to the brand Butler has built and the care he has put into it.

To read the rest of the feature, please click here.

February 2014 new releases!


The February 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here.

Ship date is January 28th.Street date is February 11th so please get your pre orders in. ‘Weekend Nachos’ , ‘Bastard Noise / Lack Of Interest – split ‘ , ‘Last Words- Last Words LP’ are available for immediate shipment.

New releases include these titles ……
Suburban Mutilation – The Opera Ain’t Over Till the Fat Lady Sings! CD – Beer City
Weekend Nachos – Still LP – Deep Six
Nausea- Condemned to the System LP – Deep Six
Bastard Noise / Lack Of Interest – split LP/CD – Deep Six
Picture- Diamond Dreamer/Picture 1 CD – Divebomb
Picture- Eternal Dark/Heavy Metal Ears CD – Divebomb
Blowfly- Black In the Sack LP – Patac
Rawhide- Murder One LP – Patac
Anti You- Blank Stares LP – Six Weeks
Last Words- Last Words LP – To Live A Lie