now streaming ROUGH FRANCIS’ Maximum Soul Power

Click here to stream the entire LP! ROUGH FRANCIS’ debut on Riot House is out tomorrow, March 11!


East Grand Records’ CONTINENTAL on tour in March!

All shows with THE TOSSERS

3/1 Cleveland, OH @ Now Thats Class
3/2 Buffalo, NY @ Tralf
3/4 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Upstairs
3/5 Providence, RI @ Fete Lounge
3/6 Stanhope, NJ @ Stanhope House
3/7 New York, NY @ Slake
3/8 Philadelphia, PA @ The Legendary Dobbs
3/9 Lancaster, PA @ Chamelon Club
3/11 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
3/12 Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar
3/13 Newport, KY @ Southgate House
3/14 Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme
3/15 Chicago, IL @ Metro

Stock on up on CONTINENTAL‘s All A Man Can Do now!

ILD welcomes Specialist Subject!


Were happy to welcome Exeter, England’s Specialist Subject records to ILD.Specialist Subject is focused on releasing great, active bands and songwriters from the UK punk scene with releases by THE ARTERIES, BANGERS, SAM RUSSO, CAVES, CHUCK RAGAN, MUNCIE GIRLS, SOME SORT OF THREAT, ABOVE THEM, ATTACK! VIPERS! ….

Their entire catalog is now available for immediate shipping and you can download their release book right here.

Riot House Records’ ROUGH FRANCIS gaining maximum momentum!

As evidenced by the their latest round of publicity! “Comm To Space” from Maximum Soul Power is featured in this year’s Burton Snowboards Promo Video. Almost 200k plays!

Check out Brooklyn Vegan’s LP preview including US tour dates, right here.

03/07/14 Burlington, VT• ArtsRiot
03/21/14 Waltham, MA • Brandeis University
03/22/14 Providence, RI • Columbus Theater
03/23/14 Brooklyn, NY • Grand Victory

As you’ll recall, ROUGH FRANCIS was heavily featured in the award winning doc, A Band Called Death:

As well as this New York Times feature! Make sure to place your pre-orders for Maximum Soul Power— its street date is March 14!


As its owner matures so do the motives driving the Raleigh punk label, To Live A Lie Records

The simple façade of Will Butler’s Raleigh home does not betray the hardcore punk that foments just inside.

The 30-year-old Butler is an employee of N.C. State University, where he helps manage the school’s digital security. He lives in this cozy, three-bedroom house just outside of downtown Raleigh with his girlfriend, Brittany, and their dog, Barnabas. The exterior is emblematic of the American Dream, with a wooden fence running the length of the lawn and a brick stoop leading the way upward to twin planters.
To Live A Lie Records Fest photo by Adam David Kissick

But the Jetta in the driveway sports several bumper stickers—one advertises the brutal band Charles Bronson, and another proudly proclaims “Vegan.” That’s the only hint that, inside, the dual upstairs bedrooms serve as the operational hub for To Live A Lie Records, a decade-old stronghold for the most extreme offshoots of hardcore punk. Since 2005, Butler has built a strong catalog of grindcore, powerviolence and fastcore—subgenres whose very names suggest the damage the music intends to do.

One bedroom overflows with stacks of boxes filled with records or their accompanying sleeves. Each package is assembled, by hand, when orders arrive. The catalog includes bands from as far away as Australia and Japan; the people ordering them are as far-flung. The other room serves as an office and a storage facility for titles that Butler helps sell from other like-minded labels, again based around the world.

This year, Butler will release To Live A Lie’s 100th title, a 29-track survey featuring punk heavyweights like Weekend Nachos alongside relatively unknown locals such as Abuse. and the short-lived Mad Dog. Its strength, and the fact that a hobbyist label has survived to reach 100 albums, is a testament to the brand Butler has built and the care he has put into it.

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