Beer City’s RAW POWER August U.S. tour dates!

Make sure to stock up on RAW POWER‘s new release, Tired and Furious, as well as the back catalogue– Reagan Years and Still Screaming!


RAW POWER was formed in Italy in 1981 by brothers Mauro and Giuseppe Codeluppi (voice and guitar).Since that time the band has toured the US several times, as well as Europe. They are considered legendary and have put out over 10 full length records and have had several appearances on various compilations throughout their existence. RAW POWER was an innovator in the fact that they were one of the first bands to combine the speed of hardcore and add metal overtones to it, thus being one of the first ‘crossover’ bands. In 2002 founding member Giuseppe passed away, but Mauro decided to continue the band on knowing that Giuseppe would have wanted it that way. Since then RAW POWER has continued to release new albums and tour. In the spring of 2013 RAW POWER signed a three-album deal with Beer City.The first album Tired and Furious was released April 15th on CD, and the vinyl version (a Record Store Day release) was released on April 19th.