Capitalist Casualties & Magrudergrind LPs back in print!

Check out what’s now back in stock! Both LP’s have been out of print for some time.

Capitalist CasualtiesDisassembly Line  LP
Re-issue of the long lost CC LP on Slap-a-Ham from 1992. Head bashing thrash before it was trendy, this LP laid the groundwork for an onslaught of extreme hardcore band in the 90’s. 21 atomic detonations of early power violence, not seen or heard in 10 years. CD has bonus comp tracks from the LP recording session as well as the Art Of Ballsitcs EP from 1991.

Capitalist CasualtiesDisassembly Line LP   790168006715   $12.98 MSRP
MagrudergrindMagrudergrind LP
The first full length by these Washington DC grinding powerviolence nuts Magrudergrind.We’re talking old-school Napalm Style grind filled with catchy groove driven sections and relentless mid-paced blasts mixed with vocals that range from high pitched shrieks, powerviolence ranting and hardcore bellows.

MagrudergrindMagrudergrind LP   790168644818    $12.98 MSRP