August new release book!


The August 2014 new release book is out and can be downloaded here. Ship date is July 29th. Street date is August 12th.

Below is a list of this months current releases!Make sure to get your pre-orders in and let us know if you have any questions!

Committee to Keep Music Evil CKME025-1 LP SLOW MOTION RIDER Slow Motion Rider 25358859414 $19.98
Committee to Keep Music Evil CKME025-2 CD SLOW MOTION RIDER Slow Motion Rider 735885940027 $9.98
Crysella M00892-2 CD SERENUS Draining Me To Death 4021884008926 $14.98
Deep Six DSR 068-7 7″ EP LOW THREAT PROFILE Product 1 685306006873 $6.98
Dive Bomb DIVE066-2 CD REVEREND Play God (Deluxe Edition) 711576006623 $18.98
Dive Bomb Dive065-2 CD REVEREND World Won’t Miss You (Deluxe Edition) 711576006524 $18.98
Gore House GHP021-7 7″ EXTREMELY ROTTEN Zombification of the Masses 617353769265 $8.98
Gore House GHP022-2 CD PARTY CANNON Partied In Half 617353769289 $11.98
Gore House GHP023-2 CD SWINE OVERLORD Parables of Umbral Transcendence 617353769296 $12.98
Jailhouse JHR050-1 LP SPECIAL DUTIES ‘77 One More Time, Volume 1 760921746554 $15.98
Profane Existence Exist 333-2 CD OPPOSITION RISING Aftermathematics LP + Get Off Your Ass EP 747728033322 $7.98